Friday, 3 October 2014


Creepers have always been a shoe that I love on other people, but always thought that they would look a little clumpy on my feet.
I couldn't be more wrong.

After wandering through one of those bargainous footwear shops in Liverpool's St. John's Centre, one of them were selling creepers for a fiver.

I was sold on the leopard print detailing and originally I wanted them in  a beautiful cherry red shade but I didn't want to steal the scarlet show from my Dr Martens so I went for black instead.

I like to wear my creepers with my ripped, Topshop 'Jamie' jeans and an oversized jumper.
I also like to wear them with chunky tights and a jewel tones, velour dress.

Creepers are the perfect Autumn/Winter shoe, they are versatile but also fun - not to mention the extra half an inch you gain from wearing them.

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