My Ebay 'Focco' bag had been buried at the back of my wardrobe and then boxed up in my parents loft for around two years. Neglected, I decided to blow off the dust and start to re-use the bag that was once a cult product. It all started three or four years ago when Lollipop26 aka Laura from 'Buy now blog later' found an Ebay equivalent of the Alexander Wang 'Rocco' bag. The bloggersphere went crazy and I think 99.9% of us all had one of these studded beauties. 
I find myself between places quite a fair bit and I hate lugging loads of heavy bags around. My 'Focco' has found its place in my heart again because it is just so darn roomy! I manage to fit in my uni books and folders alongside my everyday handbag fillers and any overnight things I may need if i'm out and about. I still think that this bag looks timeless and stylish, you will be able to find it on Ebay if you type in the words 'Focco Bag' or 'Alexander Wang Rocco style bag.' My only qualm with this bag is that the handles aren't long enough and I would like to have it on my shoulder as opposed to the crook of my arm as it can get quite heavy however, for style 10/10 and practicality 10/10.

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