I know that I am about three years too late on the ombre bandwagon however, my dabble with the dip dye wasn't to have my hair on trend.

Being naturally dark haired, my roots appear every two weeks without fail.
My beachy, blonde hair looked a tad naff when dark roots mingled with icy blonde and although I love the 'rooty look' it just didn't look right on me.

Roots aside, my hair was quite literally breaking off at the roots leaving me with patchy, stubby chunks of hair. I didn't want to completely dye my hair back dark as I love being blonde but something had to be done as my next summer I would have had no hair left at all. After an hour long Pinterest session  looking at hair, it suddenly dawned on me that I have been rather silly all along.
I could keep my blonde tresses whilst keeping my scalp and roots happy. THE OMBRE EFFECT.
I have to admit that this dye job was also inspired by Alex Turners ex girlfriend Arielle Vandenberg who rocked the ombre do like a pro.

To achieve the look, I first headed to Superdrug to find a nice brunette hair dye. I love the Superdrug Colour Performance dye's from past experience and at under £4 you can achieve a lovely colour on a budget. I chose a hair colour slightly lighter than my natural colour and went for ' Natural Rich Brown.' I started by applying this to my entire head of hair (I must admit it was pretty weird covering my beautiful blonde) and left it for 20 minutes before rinsing and drying. I really love the colour it is a warm, light chocolate. 

Next up was to create the ombre effect, now as my hair was already blonde I knew that the bleach would lift very easily. I used the Jerome Russell 'Bblonde Maximum Ombre' Kit*  which is the most simple and effective ombre kit around. I began by applying the 'Blending Cream' to my hair which helps to give a more gradient effect to your ombre, before mixing up the bleach/peroxide formula and brushing on to the ends of my hair. The ends of my hair lightened up immediately so I only left it on for 10 minutes before using the post bleach shampoo. I am really impressed with the results, I love how the two toned colours add dimension to my shorter hair. Now, my darker hair can grow out naturally without the need for bleach. Once it is done Ombre is the most cost effective, barely damaging trend hairstyle around.

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