6 October 2014


I like being a little spontaneous and experimental when it comes to my hair.
Having washed out almost all of the pink I had in my hair from the 'Pink Panther' - L'Oreal Feria toner, I decided that I wanted to run a little more rose through my locks.
I enjoyed using the Feria toner however, the pink wasn't punchy enough, I wanted something a little bolder. I have been using Directions 'Paint Pots' for years and I know that they are bold as well as fairly long lasting so I headed out to find the pinkest pink of them all, 'Carnation Pink.'

Of course, a lively, purple toned shade was not what I was going for so I mixed a little toner with my favourite Gliss conditioner and left the mixture on my hair for half an hour.

What I love about this process is that you are left with funky hair whilst treating your hair to a deep condition. I like to keep a pot of the rose mixture for when I feel like amping up my hair colour.
The shade itself lasts for 5-7 washes on my hair and to maintain your colour you can use your pink conditioner everytime you wash your locks.


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