Fashion, body language and facial expressions are just some of the clues that can tell the average observer what makes you tick. People regularly make subconscious assumptions about who we are from the way we behave and the things we do.

What we sometimes forget is that your coffee order can often reveal a lot about your personality. The way you think, where you work and even what you were up to the night before. So the next time you’re out on a date, walking into a meeting or ambling down the street with your coffee in hand, remember, Freud is watching!


You probably don’t like coffee that much. You’ve seen all the pictures of celebrities and actors with their “on-set” coffee and want to be a part of the LA scene. You disguise your mocha with flavours of chocolate to reduce the grimace on your face as you sip your trendy drink. Looking cool with twisted facial expressions isn’t easy, but you’ve managed to master it. Well done, you’re now ready to enter your first audition, confident that you look the part.

Single Espresso

Italy is your favourite country. You regularly holiday there and happily sit in cafes watching the world go by. The caffeine from your classy espresso ensures your conversation is enthusiastic but measured. You view the world with excited eyes, and your adventurous nature makes you a joy to be around. New ideas and people excite you, you’re confident, forthright and like to take the bull by the horns. You probably own a Ferrari……..or a fiat.

Double Espresso

You work, and work hard. Your career is very important and you want to get everything done… yesterday. All-nighters are common and with an average of 4 hours sleep a night, you need something to keep you going. A croissant and a double espresso usually does the trick. Quick, easy and efficient. You haven’t got time to enjoy your morning coffee, you want to get it over with so you can get back to your spreadsheet and pretty pie chart.

Skinny Late

Ahhh the trend setters. Life is good. Your skinny late is the ultimate fashion accessory to your Gucci handbag. You count Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole as part of your inner circle (which means you once re-tweeted one of their posts).  You confidently stroll out of the coffee shop with your coffee in one hand and a small yappy yappy dog under the other arm. Her name is Princess and she loves you…..but hates everyone else.

White Americano

Hurrah for you and your normal existence. You have a normal job, a normal group of friends and normal views on the world. You’re a balanced individual who can get on with people from all different walks of life. Your choice of coffee plants you slap bang in the middle of societies extremes. Although you can sometimes get slightly miffed when you have to order a “White Americano”. Why can’t I just say white coffee!


You’re probably an accountant. Sensible and risk averse you like the taste of coffee but fear the effects of its cerebral stimulation. Fuelled with faster synapsis and irrational thought you worry that caffeine could make you do something wrong or offensive. You may miss a decimal place in column 4C and the world will literally fall apart. Or worse still you could go crazy and order Tabasco on your lunchtime sandwich. No, it’s probably best to have a decaff, its safer.

A grande extra hot soy with extra foam, split shot with a half squirt of sugar-free vanilla and a half squirt of sugar-free cinnamon with extra whipped cream with caramel and chocolate sauce drizzled on top.

You’re American.

Instant Coffee

Your working class and proud of your roots. You do an honest days work and enjoy a hot cup of coffee when you’re freezing in the stands at the local football match. No fuss, no frills, you just get on with things the way nature intended. But you wouldn’t say no to an accompanying hob-nob.

Triple Espresso

You’re hungover.

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