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This week, Autumn really arrived. 
There was a chill in the air and I felt that my trusty Topshop leather jacket just wasn't going to cut it when it came to my daily commute to work and uni.

On Tuesday I decided to try a new approach to the way that I use my make-up.
I tend to use the same products over and over as they are easily found in my everyday make-up bag and i'm too lazy to head over to my make-up drawers at 7:30am.
From now on, once a week I am going to switch up the products in my everyday make-up bag to ensure that old products get used and new products get trialled. 
This week I have discovered a penchant for Maybelline after rediscovering the 'Fit Me' foundation and the 'Baby Skin' primer.

This week I did something drastic with my hair and decided to be so late on the bandwagon I nearly missed it. Yes, that's right I have done the ombre thaaang.
With a nod towards Arielle Vandenberg (Ex other half of Alex Turner) I am now 50% brunette - 50% blonde and I rather like it. A post will be following soon if you want to have a nosey at how I went about it.

Next week Liverpool fashion week kicks off and as JMU Journalism fashion editor I shall be covering the week, i'm going to pop a few pieces up on here so keep a look out for those posts popping up on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday if you're interested.

After feeling all nostalgic about my favourite childhood books and fims, tonight is going to be all about Wind in the willows, one of my favourite childhood stories, i'm going to make sure I have creamy hot chocolate, whipped cream and marshmallows in my cupboards and of course a fluffy dressing gown. I feel it's the only way i'm ever going to shake this hideous snotty cold I have picked up.

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