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This week has been dominated by Liverpool Fashion Week, I attended three nights covering for GGMH and of course as fashion editor for JMU Journalism - I have to say although it was exhausting I had a blast managing to secure interviews with organiser Amanda Moss and NYFW MUA Jane Bellis.  My favourite night had to be the opening night which showcased 'Couture Glamour' collections, it was on this night that I noticed a certain Hollyoaks star stood behind me, of course I whipped my Iphone out and secured a 'selfie' with Sienna aka Anna Passey. I think she cottoned on though and swiftly moved to her seat on the front row.

Juggling university and work between shows, Thursday night called for a cocktail or two for date night AS the boy and I headed to the Albert Dock to escape the madness that this week has thrown at us. This weekend has been work focused with lots of blog posts to write and videos to film as well as putting my news reporter hat on as I prepare for my news editor role next week at uni.

I think it's time for a cup of tea to give my eyes a rest, I am sure that one day I will wake up and they'll be square..

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