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The week #48 is going to be a little bit different  as  I am currently over in Amsterdam celebrating my 21st which was yesterday. I will be writing a post all about my trip and my birthday celebrations next week if you're interested in having a nosey but for now:

After a challenging news day, on Wednesday I found myself in the Philharmonic Dining rooms having a gin and tonic with ex tabloid journalist Bill Coles, it's always interesting to meet journalists with some high profile by lines to their names to see the kind of personality that you need to be ruthless. In the evening my friends Lauren and Laura and I headed to our favourite burger joint, Byron Burger to attend our annual birthday meal, something that we have been doing since I moved to Liverpool two years ago. Laura's birthday is the day after mine so it always nice to catch up and celebrate turning 20 something. 

On Thursday afternoon I found myself being filmed for the Channel 4 TV show 'One born every minute' which is one of my favourite 'fly on the wall' documentaries. Now, before you start wondering, I was at The Women's Hospital on a PR visit - not to be filmed giving birth. I did however go into one of the filmed birthing rooms to see how the cameras were set up and I have to say those ladies giving birth on camera are very brave as their are camera's positioned at all angles!

The same evening I headed out to the opening of new hotel, Aloft which houses groovy 'loft-like' bedrooms in the iconic Liverpool, Royal insurance building. It was here that I met fellow bloggers Frances Cassandra and Deni Vev where we hogged the photo booth and were treated to a number of intimate gigs spread throughout the hotel which was very exciting. The hotel is so lush and feels very glamorous. I then found myself on the Liverpool Echo coverage making a squeaky noise.. I wish I could be more sophisticated.



This year, November's 'Monthly Favourites' falls on a very special day, my birthday.
Today I turned 21, well at a few minutes past nine tonight I will do and as you read this I am currently in Amsterdam for a few 21st cocktails and some sightseeing, but more on that next week. 
This month I have been using the same products over and over because they just do what they do really well

The Nails: My favourite nail polish at the moment is 'Chelsea' by Nails Inc, it is a deep burgandy shade that shines red on the nails but looks black under some lights. The finish is glossy and perfect for the wintery, festive season. I find that without a topcoat this polish chips after two days and with a topcoat minimal chipping until it's time to reapply.

The Make-up: I promise that I will stop harping on about this palette but for now, I just can't and in the month of November I have been rocking all kinds of colour combinations from the w7 'Angel Eyes' palette.  For £2.99 you are treated to seven, highly pigmented, buttery soft shades with high power longevity. My second make-up muse is a lipstick from H+M and is such an oldie in my collection, it is from the Lanvin range and is a deep red lipstick which looks sophisticated for all occasions. The formula is creamy with a more matte than lustre finish.

The Skincare: With the weather super chilly, I have been having my heating on through the night as I live in a listed building that loses warmth easily.  This has caused my skin all kinds of drying out problem however, the ESPA '24 hour balancing moisturiser' has been my saviour.  The formula is non greasy and absorbs into the skin beautifully leaving you with a soft base for make-up.

The Hair: Two products that I have been loving this month are both for my 'work in progress' tresses. As you already know I am leaving my hair well along for the next few months in a bid to restore the health, shine and general condition of my hair. I have been using the 'Coconut Water, Weightless Oil' on wet hair before blow drying and on dry hair every night and I have seen a huge difference in the quality and manageability of the ends of my hair. Inbetween washes I have been using the Superdrug 'Cocoa Brownie for brunettes' dry shampoo which distributes a hint of colour through the formula as opposed to that horrible, white powdery residue that other dry shampoos can leave in the scalp. 



No matter how many times I try to reach for the golds and the warmer bronze eye shadows in my collection, I always go back to my favourite colour palette of green, deep brown and khaki eyeshadows. My favourite, super speedy make-up involves a bronzed cheek with plenty of glow and a grungy eye. I start by applying my foundation, Maybelline 'Fit Me' in 120. For my brows I have been loving the precision of the w7 'Brow Twister'  for a strong, defined brow.

On my cheeks I use St Moriz 'bronzed goddess' with Mac 'Soft and Gentle' mineralise skin finish on the tops of my cheek bones. On my eye I start by applying the olive green shade from the w7 'Angel Eyes' palette all over my eyelids before blending with the slightly smokier, deep brown shade. In my socket line I use 'Green Smoke' by MAC before another big blend with the UDNP 'Sidecar' dupe from the 'Angel Eyes' palette. I finish the make-up with lashings and lashings of the w7 'Flirty Eyes' mascara for  curled, defined and voluminous lashes.



On a super chilly night last week I found myself in ASDA doing the weekly shop. Supermarkets these days are a dangerous place for me and my purse as their 'home ware' section (particularly at Christmas time) stocks a whole host of furnishing goodies. I ended up coming away with just one item from the Yankee Candle 'Simply Home' range which is a less pricer diffusion line of their well known, original Yankee Candles. 

The box of six mini, sample candles contains 'Frosted Spruce,' 'Christmas Treats,' 'Frosted Snow,' 'Holiday Magic,' 'Cherry Vanilla' and 'Cinnamon Crush.' Everyone of these little candles are super strong in scent and you wouldn't need more than one burning in the same room for it to be noticeable. My favourite of the bunch so far is 'Frosted Spruce' as it reminds me of a snow covered forest filled with Christmas trees, there is an undertone of pine mixed with sweet and woody scents that leave my room smelling like Christmas. If you're looking for a set of festive fragrances but don't want to purchase and commit to a large jar candle then these little sample candles are perfect for you, burning up to a week at 2 hours a time.



It has been a record four weeks since I last dyed my hair, I know, what has happened to me? With this in mind I have been regulating my hair washes to once or twice a week in a bid to regenerate the oils within my scalp to help make my hair healthier. It's kind of gross and I hate the feeling of un-washed hair however results are beginning to show with my short, singed and bleached pieces of hair growing out nicely.

 Now that my roots are slightly darker, normal white coloured dry shampoo was starting to make my hair look a little grey. I discovered the 'Cocoa Brownie' for brunettes, dry shampoo in Superdrug for under £3. The brown pigmented formula doesn't only smell amazing but it also leaves my hair feeling throughly refreshed. There are pigmented formulas for blonde and darker brown hair also so if you are looking to try a new dry shampoo I highly recommend these by Superdrug.



I popped into Zara last week to kill some time between two events that I was covering, and was immediately drawn to a cute tartan skirt and leather jacket paired with a simple black sweatshirt with the slogan 'I'm not a princess, i'm a rockstar' I just had to snap it up as it was the only one on the hanger. I like to pair it with my River Island leather look leggings, my black skater skirt and of course the ripped, Topshop 'Jamie' jeans.



It's fair to say that I like to wear a dark colour on my nails all year round however, there are two polishes in particular that I reach for when the weather gets colder and Christmas is just around the corner. The first is a dark red shade that almost looks black on the nails, 'Victoria' by Nails Inc is a glossy deep burgandy shade that looks amazing on shorter, squarer nails.

My second favourite shade is by Max Factor and adds a little sparkle and shine to the nails. 'Green Bronze' is a black based polish with flecks of green and bronze running throughout the formula, it looks great layered over 'Victoria' and has been my nail colour of choice for the past few weeks.



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From the madness of last week, to one of those weeks where everything is a mixed bag.

 On Monday I had my last online journalism news day until February next year and although it is a challenge to produce stories good enough for the news website, I have secretly enjoyed the challenge and I am happy with my stories so far.   If you're interested, you can find this weeks work published here and here. 

On Tuesday I found myself bitten by the filming bug and I filmed a new video for my channel that will be going live next week, so keep a look out for that, it will be my November favourites which will also be going up on my blog next Saturday.

Also this week I had a hair cut now, I have to say it was a little more shocking than I had anticipated but I understand that it is for the best if I ever want lush, long, healthy hair again. The hairdresser lobbed a fair few inches off the ends and I am now rocking a layered bob. To try and sprinkle some life and soul back into my tresses, I used the L'oreal 'Casting Creme Gloss' dye in the shade 'Chocolate.' The shade itself is a beautiful rich brown which I love although I am slightly unsure how I went from long blonde hair a few months ago to  a short brown bob. 

Friday afternoon saw me resembling a bag of nerves as I gave my dissertation presentation worth 25%. As somebody who isn't a natural academic I struggle with big pieces of serious, academic work and I felt that the piece I had spent 6 weeks on wouldn't be sufficient. I am very happy to say that I was actually graded with a first, I don't know how but something inside my little brain must have clicked.

Finally, last night the boy and I headed to the Christmas markets in Manchester, somewhere I had never been before and as you know if you read yesterday's post - I love a good market. The tree's and wooden huts were all tarted up in pretty lights and I have to say I did indulge in some festive treats including a warm mince pie and a mug of hot chocolate and Amaretto. 



November is my favourite month of the year for a few reasons. I think that because I am winter born baby through and through I feel super comfortable wrapped up in wooly jumpers, hats and gloves embracing the biting cold air.

 I love how in November the chilly Autumn turns into freezing Winter and how Halloween and Bonfire night wrap into one big winter time adventure, huddled around a fire watching pretty fireworks explode in the black sky. This year I indulged in bonfire lollies and toffee apples whilst cuddling a flask of hot coffee for warmth. I love the crispy autumn leaves and dark nights and the nod towards Christmas, lights are switched on, and festive songs start to play - To me, November is the festival of winter.  I was born on an icy winter night on November 29th and next week I will be turning 21, I couldn't imagine celebrating my birthday wearing anything other than my giant faux fur coat and fluffy hat. November, I love you.



Glamour magazine often have Nails Inc freebies stuck to their glossy covers which is great, because not only do I like Glamour magazine but I also really like Nails Inc nail polish. It applies smoothly, dries nicely and their colour range is so diverse nevermind the lovely polish titles, named after streets and places in London.  The December edition of Glamour magazines comes free with three or four different polishes, I opted for 'Hanover Square' a beautiful deep burgandy shade that looks dark purple on the nails. And if anybody is wondering, Hanover Square in London is very close to Liberty's and Oxford Circus. 



Hairspray reminds me of my Nana, who would spray gallons of Elnett on her hair daily. My mum loves hairspray too but for myself, the need for the sticky stuff comes few and far between. I tend to give my barnet a quick spritz when I have added a few loose curls or my pesky snapped ends are not playing ball. I have two weapons of choice for any of the above scenarios, 'Motion Hold' by Sassoon and '24 Hour body' by Tresemme. 

The Sassoon spray is my favourite, it smells delightful and is the best choice for when the wind whips up and your nicely styled curls haven't a chance.  The product itself isn't overly sticky and brushes out easily, my only qualm is that it sells for salon price and for people like me on a beauty budget it is un re purchasable. That's where my affordable friend from Tresemme comes in, this hairspray does everything that the Motion Hold does but with added oomph, creating voluminous, beautiful locks. 



One thing that I love about visiting my parents house, is the cheeky opportunity to turn off the lights, light some candles and drop 'Granny takes a dip' bath bomb from Lush into a super warm bath. This is a once in a blue moon luxury as in my flat I have a shower, a gorgeous, powerful and hot shower but it isn't a bath.  To compensate for my lack of tub I like to really indulge when it comes to shower time by lighting some candles and filling the room with my favourite tunes, which at the moment iare from Ed Sheeran's new album 'X'.

In the shower I like to apply a deep conditioning treatment to my hair, my current favourite being the Original Mineral 'Power Base' which is just sensational at giving dry, over processed hair some revitalisation. My current favourite cleanser is the ESPA 'Foam Cleanser' it is scented with lemon and leaves the skin feeling super clean and nourished, I like to leave the foam working into my skin for 1-2 minutes before rinsing off. 

My favourite shower gel of all time is the 'revitalising grapefruit and pomegrante' cream from Imperial Leather, you can find this at most discount stores such as Wilko's and Home Bargains for a quid.It is the most creamy and dreamily scented gel and paired with Lush 'Snow Fairy' it is a dream combination.



Friday night saw me attend the BIG fashion night out hosted by high fashion boutique Cricket. Cricket is one thing that I knew about Liverpool long before I moved here, It was back in 2006/2007 when my obsession with WAGs was at its peak and knowing that footballers wives and celebrities alike shopped there, made me long to own a Cricket, zebra print shopping bag.

The final event of 'Celebration of Style' fashion festival held at the Cunard Building on Water Street, saw celebs turn out in their droves. I spotted Made in Chelsea's Rosie Fortescue,Topshop heiress Chloe Green, Hollyoaks actresses Gemma Merner (Carmel McQueen) and Jennifer Metcalfe (Mercedes Mcqueen) Jennie Frost of Atomic Kitten, a few Emmerdale stars and singer, Rebecca Ferguson. 

Matalan hosted a champagne reception where I met fellow blogger Alex from the fashion blog 'Alexalamode,' we decided to buddy up and go have a nosey at what everybody was wearing. I have to say there were some amazingly sparkly dresses lighting up the room.

Alexa Chung's brother Dom performed a set as the guests arrived, taking his seat afterwards behind me. We got chatting, what a nice fella he is, who knew he came to uni here in Liverpool and lived just a few streets away from me.

The catwalk was sprinkled with Stella McCartney, YSL, Victoria Beckham and Balenciaga to name a few and an exclusive performance from Kelli-Leigh lead vocalist on Duke Dumont's 'I got you' had everybody up on their feet and dancing on the catwalk. Atomic Kitten's, Jennie Frost and Ex Emmerdale actress Sheree Murphy and her husband ex footballer, Harry Kewell were really going for it as Kelli started to sing her vocals for 'I wanna feel' by Second City.

All of the guests were treated to a goody bag and strangely enough I got confused as to which was my bag and found myself rooting in a bag belonging to hairdresser Andrew Collinge.He caught me but very kindly let me have his bag instead as it contained a rather nice pink, fluffy scarf. There will be reviews of some of the products in the bag popping up on GGMH over the next week so keep a look out for those if you're interested.



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This week has been truly action packed with events of all kinds. On Monday I headed to a press event for a new exhibition opening at 'The Beatles Story' museum. The curation is centred around the British music invasion in America in 1964 with rock bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones bringing British culture to the states. On Tuesday the exhibition officially opened to the public with an exclusive, live performance from 1960s beat group, The Zombies, I had to fasten on my sea legs though, as the gig was on the river Mersey. 

On Thursday I found myself at a young persons 'Question Time' style event with questions focusing on what is affecting young people such as university courses/fee's, future financial security and vulnerable young people. I have to say, I never thought political events would interest me but the debate and commentary was quite fascinating.

On Friday evening I found myself minging with Rosie Fortescue, Chloe Green, Gemma Merner from Hollyoaks and a few other celebs as I attended the exclusive' Celebration of Style' event. The catwalk featured designer stock from the famous 'Cricket' boutique owned by Justine Mills. It was at this event that I met the lovely blogger Alex from 'Alexalamode'  over a glass of Prosecco. We found ourselves on the press bench next to Alexa Chungs brother Dom who was playing a set as the guests took their seats. I managed to have a little chat with Dom and he is lovely, I can't help but feel a little "eeek" knowing that I was sat next to a blood relative of my girl crush! 

This weekend I met up with my gorgeous friend Laura from 'Laura's Haven'  heading to our usual haunt 'Rococo' for a brew, I love catching up with Laura as we have similar opinions on almost everything.  Tonight I will be having a chilled night watching the X Factor results and preparing for another crazy week ahead. Here's hoping my fave Ben Haenow doesn't get the boot!



I have started on a romantic adventure with black lace. No, not the cheesy 70s band that belt out 'Aga-doo' at birthday parties. But for the material that makes the 'vampy' look sexy and sophisticated. I headed into Primark last week for a nosey around and ended up coming away with the above items.

 As one of those people with a bit of a muffin top going on, I always shy away from crop tops however, once I tried on the little bra-let with my leather disco pants, I knew that I had to buy it.  I pair it with the tassel-bottomed kimono, also from Primark that perfectly balances to amount of skin on show when wearing the bra-let.  I like to wear these pieces with black, ripped jeans, disco pants and a black skater skirt pared with creepers or heeled boots.



As my hair restoring journey continues, I decided to try some new and interesting products to see if they could help aid my root recovery.

I discovered the Natural World 'Coconut Water' weightless oil when scratting around in the TJ Hughes hair care department. I was drawn in by the product as it advertises that the organic coconut oil leaves dry, damaged and over processed hair feeling and looking re hydrated, silky and shiny. 

The oil is multi use so I add a little to my conditioner, apply a little before shampooing my hair and leave a layering on damp hair whilst it dries. I have found that my hair has become much more soft and frizz free, it feels nourished and whilst it isn't repaired, it is much more unruly and easy to maintain. I like how a little of this product can go a very long way and for under £5 it is the perfect companion for fried, destroyed hair that needs any help that it can get.



This is going to sound like the biggest excuse to buy a handbag ever - Hollie, you own a Mulberry Roxanne and you love your 'Focco' ? All of the above is true however, both of those bags have absolutely wrecked my shoulder.



As I delve deeper into my hair restoration journey, I have tried a fair few inexpensive products and it would only be fair to give the higher end products a whirl too.

I have been using the Original and Mineral 'Power base, protein masque*' after hearing that it does exceptionally amazing things for super damaged hair.
As this is a natural product it is a good one to help avoid using even more chemicals on chemically damaged hair. 

The intense masque reconstructs hair using wheat protein to bind broken strands and uses apricot and almond to restore moisture in over dry hair. Generally, protein treatments should be applied 2-3 times a month for damaged hair. Once your hair is healthy, you will only need a protein treatment once a month. I pop my masque on for anywhere between 30mins and an hour before rinsing out with cool water. Once I have rinsed my locks I am treated to salon quality results with soft, nourished, alive strands of hair that are full of suppleness and shine. I have also been trying out another gem from Original and Mineral hair care collection which comes in the form of the 'Frizzy Logic' shine serum*. Damaged hair tends to attract frizz therefore in order to combat this, once my hair is dry I pop a pea sized amount in my palms and work the product through my hair. Alongside 6 other ingredients, the Macadamia seed oil replicates natural oils, whilst the Argan oil adds shine. Although i'll always be a budget beauty gal at heart, the high end products don't half impress me.



Throughout the summer I had noticed pieces of material wrapped strategically around girls heads popping up in their masses.  Described as the 'hair turban' I found a whole section in Forever21 dedicated to them so I decided to give one a go. Due to my new 'hair care routine' I find that after around day 2 or 3 post wash, my hair needs to be off my face and swept back. The 'hair turban' is the perfect product for this, I wear mine like an alice band, swooping my fringe back and centering it a little lower than my hair line. I love how effortlessly it can update your everyday look. 

I saw Fearne Cotton donning a pair of shiny, leather look leggings at her Very SS15 collection and I knew that to complete my 'off duty' look, a pair of tight trousers would need to be found. I bought mine from River Island, they are high waisted and seriously suck in any muffin top you may have going on. They can be dressed up and dressed down, paired with boots, heels, flats or trainers and still make you look 'done' but not overly done.



When it comes to applying my make-up, a little creativity on my peepers is my favourite part. 
I like the endless possibilities of colour combinations and looks. I currently have five larger palettes in my make-up collection and I can say that all of them get used on a weekly basis. You may be able to see a recurring pattern in nude shadow palettes as earthy tones are the colours I tend to reach for daily. 

The Urban Decay 'Naked Palette' is probably the most used palette of the bunch and the most expensive. If you want to invest in good eyeshadows then this palette is worth it, the shadows are buttery, easily blend-able and long lasting.  My favourite shades are 'Smog,' 'Sidecar', 'Sin', 'Virgin' and 'Half Baked' - the perfect combination to create a subtle, smokey eye. 

My most creative palette is 'Going for gold' by MUA. I often find myself going through phases of enjoying a 1970s inspired eye, using gold, bronze and brown shades to create a nice bold eye. The shadows are a little on the powdery side but are easily blend-able and super pigmented. 

The W7 'Angel Eyes' collection is currently my favourite palette of the bunch. For £2.99 you don't get a dud shade they are the perfect complimenting nudes. A mixture of matte and glitter based shadows allows you to create hundreds of different looks.

One palette that I love but also hate is from The Body Shop, it is the 'Smokey Moonstone' collection and the colours are beautiful, the problem lies in the shadows which are way too flaky and the fall out is insane. I tend to use these shadows when I have a fair bit of time to work on my eye make-up.

Finally, a palette which is essentially a dead ringer for the 'Angel Eyes' collection by w7. The Wet 'n' Wild 'Comfort zone' palette is a collection of earth tones and bronze tones. Although sadly I am missing two of the shades the palette is still very very versatile and the shadows are so easy to work with. 


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This week I felt seriously Autumnal, after visiting my hometown at the beginning of the week to catch up with my Grandma and Grandad, I revelled in the Autumnal scenes rolling over the countryside. Living in a large city I really miss the tranquility and beauty of being in the suburbs, soaking up the seasons. 

On Bonfire night the boy and I headed to Sefton Park for the fireworks, which I might add were spectacular, we huddled together in the smokey air with a flask of coffee before heading home to munch our way through a bag of bonfire lollies.

The rest of the week has been filled with hard work on my dissertation, work and seeing friends, last night it was decided that a few cocktails (or three) were in order as I haven't had the opportunity to see my friends as much as I would like to.

Today is a snuggly Sunday, catching up on the X Factor and getting my diary in order for next week as there are a few interesting bits and bobs going on.



Six years ago, when I had a Saturday job which led to me having a little bit of money in my purse I would hot foot it to Xtra's a budget make-up store to stock up on w7 make-up products.

Since having a tiny bit more money in my purse, I have tended to buy higher end drugstore branded make-up as opposed to the real bargain beauties. I recently re-discovered my love for w7 due to three hero products.  All of them retail at under a fiver but provide the quality of some products that you would pay over £20 for.

The 'Angel Eyes' eyeshadow palette is possibly the best selection of shadows I have ever used. Better than the UDNP? Yes, and the MUA Heaven and Earth palette? Absolutely. The shadows are buttery soft, well pigmented and their lasting power is noticeable. I love the selection of wear-able shades with a mixture of matte and shimmery shades. The shimmer in the shade equates to no fall out and the UDNP 'Sidecar' dupe shade is as beautiful as 'Sidecar' without the masses of glitter that falls down your cheeks post application. The packaging of this little beauty is also superior to the UDNP, it is a hard plastic, expensive looking palette that is durable and includes a super clear, large mirror, all for £2.99. 

My second hero product is the 'Brow Twister' which comes in a variety of shades from blonde to dark brown. I have the dark brown variant that appears in the form of a soft, waxy, angled stick that allows for precise brow application. 

Finally, after being on the hunt for a new mascara to wow me I bought the 'Flirty Eyes' mascara which combines a fatter brush with a plastic wand to give that false lash effect. Lashes can be built up with two coats and the formula is non sticky or clumpy. The mascara gives your lashes a fluttery fan, but the flirting is up to you. 



Today's post is one that I thought I would never post on GGMH. Me, wearing nude nails? But what happened to your love of dark talons Hollie? I think it may be something to do with this 90s naked revival but I have been sporting a pale nail.

My favourite shade of the colours above has to be the Headline colours nude in 'Centrefold' - it is the perfect blend of beige and pink which helps shorter nails like my own look healthier and longer. The London Girl polish in the shade '92' is the most pink toned nude that I own, on the nails it looks delicate, I like to wear it when I am donning my biker jacket to add some feminimity to my look. The 2True polish is probably the most brown toned nude out of the four and whilst the colour is lovely on the nails the consistency isn't the best I have tried as some chipping occurs immediately after application. And finally, the shade that I like to call my 'princess polish' 'Sensuous' by Me, Me, Me cosmetics is the perfect nude pink which harbours slightly on the more peachy spectrum. It looks great on shorter nails and makes a tinge of tan glow nicer on the skin.



It would appear that regardless of all of my other boots, there are two specific pairs that I wear religiously in the winter. One, a great pair of grippy, snow walking, puddle splashing boots and the other pair slightly more sophisticated yet super durable.

My Dr Martens have long been my boot of choice for the winter months. Despite taking a few months to break in and subjecting my feet to hell, they are now the most comfortable pair of boots that I own. I like to wear mine with chunky socks, they are perfect for whatever the winter weather throws at you and there is nothing more satisfying than trampling in mud knowing your feet are super safe and sound. For a slightly fancier occasion I call upon my heeled chelsea boots which look the part paired with black leggings or my Topshop 'Jamie' jeans.  Both boots are so practical and I can see both pairs carrying me into next winter also.

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