This year, November's 'Monthly Favourites' falls on a very special day, my birthday.
Today I turned 21, well at a few minutes past nine tonight I will do and as you read this I am currently in Amsterdam for a few 21st cocktails and some sightseeing, but more on that next week. 
This month I have been using the same products over and over because they just do what they do really well

The Nails: My favourite nail polish at the moment is 'Chelsea' by Nails Inc, it is a deep burgandy shade that shines red on the nails but looks black under some lights. The finish is glossy and perfect for the wintery, festive season. I find that without a topcoat this polish chips after two days and with a topcoat minimal chipping until it's time to reapply.

The Make-up: I promise that I will stop harping on about this palette but for now, I just can't and in the month of November I have been rocking all kinds of colour combinations from the w7 'Angel Eyes' palette.  For £2.99 you are treated to seven, highly pigmented, buttery soft shades with high power longevity. My second make-up muse is a lipstick from H+M and is such an oldie in my collection, it is from the Lanvin range and is a deep red lipstick which looks sophisticated for all occasions. The formula is creamy with a more matte than lustre finish.

The Skincare: With the weather super chilly, I have been having my heating on through the night as I live in a listed building that loses warmth easily.  This has caused my skin all kinds of drying out problem however, the ESPA '24 hour balancing moisturiser' has been my saviour.  The formula is non greasy and absorbs into the skin beautifully leaving you with a soft base for make-up.

The Hair: Two products that I have been loving this month are both for my 'work in progress' tresses. As you already know I am leaving my hair well along for the next few months in a bid to restore the health, shine and general condition of my hair. I have been using the 'Coconut Water, Weightless Oil' on wet hair before blow drying and on dry hair every night and I have seen a huge difference in the quality and manageability of the ends of my hair. Inbetween washes I have been using the Superdrug 'Cocoa Brownie for brunettes' dry shampoo which distributes a hint of colour through the formula as opposed to that horrible, white powdery residue that other dry shampoos can leave in the scalp. 

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