Six years ago, when I had a Saturday job which led to me having a little bit of money in my purse I would hot foot it to Xtra's a budget make-up store to stock up on w7 make-up products.

Since having a tiny bit more money in my purse, I have tended to buy higher end drugstore branded make-up as opposed to the real bargain beauties. I recently re-discovered my love for w7 due to three hero products.  All of them retail at under a fiver but provide the quality of some products that you would pay over £20 for.

The 'Angel Eyes' eyeshadow palette is possibly the best selection of shadows I have ever used. Better than the UDNP? Yes, and the MUA Heaven and Earth palette? Absolutely. The shadows are buttery soft, well pigmented and their lasting power is noticeable. I love the selection of wear-able shades with a mixture of matte and shimmery shades. The shimmer in the shade equates to no fall out and the UDNP 'Sidecar' dupe shade is as beautiful as 'Sidecar' without the masses of glitter that falls down your cheeks post application. The packaging of this little beauty is also superior to the UDNP, it is a hard plastic, expensive looking palette that is durable and includes a super clear, large mirror, all for £2.99. 

My second hero product is the 'Brow Twister' which comes in a variety of shades from blonde to dark brown. I have the dark brown variant that appears in the form of a soft, waxy, angled stick that allows for precise brow application. 

Finally, after being on the hunt for a new mascara to wow me I bought the 'Flirty Eyes' mascara which combines a fatter brush with a plastic wand to give that false lash effect. Lashes can be built up with two coats and the formula is non sticky or clumpy. The mascara gives your lashes a fluttery fan, but the flirting is up to you. 

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