Wednesday, 19 November 2014


There comes a point in nearly every students life when presentations have to be given, in front of a fair few faces. I don't mind standing up and speaking in front of people (I think that I have A level theatre studies to thank for that) however, the nerves that strike me on the build up to my presentation are horrendous. I feel sick and shaky right up until I open my mouth and then they dissappear. 

One of the influential people who mentored me throughout the summer told me that she would wear a pair of super high, black boots when speaking in front of people. Today I am going to share with you a few little tips and tricks (aside from a shot of gin and some Rescue Remedy) that I have found really work at steadying nerves and boost confidence. First things first, I like to make my hair big by backcombing and voluminising each strand of hair using the 'Plump it up' dry backcomb spray from v05.

To compliment large locks, I add a pop of colour to my lips - choosing from my favourite lipsticks 'Brick' by Elizabeth Arden, a beautiful rich burgandy shade and 'Brighton Rock' by Topshop a hot shot, summer  pink. Once applied, I can conquer the world..Well, not quite but maybe the lecture theatre.


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