When it comes to applying my make-up, a little creativity on my peepers is my favourite part. 
I like the endless possibilities of colour combinations and looks. I currently have five larger palettes in my make-up collection and I can say that all of them get used on a weekly basis. You may be able to see a recurring pattern in nude shadow palettes as earthy tones are the colours I tend to reach for daily. 

The Urban Decay 'Naked Palette' is probably the most used palette of the bunch and the most expensive. If you want to invest in good eyeshadows then this palette is worth it, the shadows are buttery, easily blend-able and long lasting.  My favourite shades are 'Smog,' 'Sidecar', 'Sin', 'Virgin' and 'Half Baked' - the perfect combination to create a subtle, smokey eye. 

My most creative palette is 'Going for gold' by MUA. I often find myself going through phases of enjoying a 1970s inspired eye, using gold, bronze and brown shades to create a nice bold eye. The shadows are a little on the powdery side but are easily blend-able and super pigmented. 

The W7 'Angel Eyes' collection is currently my favourite palette of the bunch. For £2.99 you don't get a dud shade they are the perfect complimenting nudes. A mixture of matte and glitter based shadows allows you to create hundreds of different looks.

One palette that I love but also hate is from The Body Shop, it is the 'Smokey Moonstone' collection and the colours are beautiful, the problem lies in the shadows which are way too flaky and the fall out is insane. I tend to use these shadows when I have a fair bit of time to work on my eye make-up.

Finally, a palette which is essentially a dead ringer for the 'Angel Eyes' collection by w7. The Wet 'n' Wild 'Comfort zone' palette is a collection of earth tones and bronze tones. Although sadly I am missing two of the shades the palette is still very very versatile and the shadows are so easy to work with. 
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