If you are a long time reader of GGMH, you'll know that I am quite the jewellery fiend, something that I inherited from my Nana who had drawers and drawers of costume pieces.

I am currently keeping my jewellery fairly simple, perhaps gone are the days of bling bling Hollie? I doubt it, but for now basic is working. I like to wear my watch with my plain, silver pandora bracelet and perhaps a few beaded bracelets stacked up alongside them. In terms of finger candy, I have been wearing my Nana's cocktail ring with a tap washer on top the secure it in place. I like to wear her signature ring stacked with my favourite skull ring from HandM to add a little flavour. In terms of necklaces, I have been again keeping it quite simple, wearing my scarlet choker from River Island and my Forever 21 locket pendent. 

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