I have finally taken the reins on my current hair situation. With half of my locks singed off and the rest drier than a desert, I have decided to put into practice some good hair deeds.

Since dabbling with dip dye, I have been trying out some methods to help nurse my hair back to some kind of health. Firstly, I have been keeping hair washes down to a minimum, I was particularly bad for over washing my mane so now, I try to wash it once a week - I know it sounds gross but by letting the natural oils within my scalp to do their thaang, I have found that my hair is already thickening up nicely at the root. To aid my lack of hair washing, I have been calling upon the V05, 'Plump it up' dry spray which featured in my October favourites. When I do wash my hair, I use a mild, baby shampoo before leaving a deep restorative masque on my hair for up to hours, my current favourite is the Lee Stafford 'For hair that doesn't grow past a certain length' treatment. I am sticking to a strictly no heat regime so I will let my hair dry naturally, battling the frizz factor with me Nicky Clarke 'Smooth it over' serum.  Finally, a little scalp massage goes a long way to stimulate the blood vessels in the scalp, if I can't tempt the boy to help me out, I have a little five minute hair brushing session with my wide,cushioned paddle brush. 

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