As I delve deeper into my hair restoration journey, I have tried a fair few inexpensive products and it would only be fair to give the higher end products a whirl too.

I have been using the Original and Mineral 'Power base, protein masque*' after hearing that it does exceptionally amazing things for super damaged hair.
As this is a natural product it is a good one to help avoid using even more chemicals on chemically damaged hair. 

The intense masque reconstructs hair using wheat protein to bind broken strands and uses apricot and almond to restore moisture in over dry hair. Generally, protein treatments should be applied 2-3 times a month for damaged hair. Once your hair is healthy, you will only need a protein treatment once a month. I pop my masque on for anywhere between 30mins and an hour before rinsing out with cool water. Once I have rinsed my locks I am treated to salon quality results with soft, nourished, alive strands of hair that are full of suppleness and shine. I have also been trying out another gem from Original and Mineral hair care collection which comes in the form of the 'Frizzy Logic' shine serum*. Damaged hair tends to attract frizz therefore in order to combat this, once my hair is dry I pop a pea sized amount in my palms and work the product through my hair. Alongside 6 other ingredients, the Macadamia seed oil replicates natural oils, whilst the Argan oil adds shine. Although i'll always be a budget beauty gal at heart, the high end products don't half impress me.

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