It has been a record four weeks since I last dyed my hair, I know, what has happened to me? With this in mind I have been regulating my hair washes to once or twice a week in a bid to regenerate the oils within my scalp to help make my hair healthier. It's kind of gross and I hate the feeling of un-washed hair however results are beginning to show with my short, singed and bleached pieces of hair growing out nicely.

 Now that my roots are slightly darker, normal white coloured dry shampoo was starting to make my hair look a little grey. I discovered the 'Cocoa Brownie' for brunettes, dry shampoo in Superdrug for under £3. The brown pigmented formula doesn't only smell amazing but it also leaves my hair feeling throughly refreshed. There are pigmented formulas for blonde and darker brown hair also so if you are looking to try a new dry shampoo I highly recommend these by Superdrug.

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