Hairspray reminds me of my Nana, who would spray gallons of Elnett on her hair daily. My mum loves hairspray too but for myself, the need for the sticky stuff comes few and far between. I tend to give my barnet a quick spritz when I have added a few loose curls or my pesky snapped ends are not playing ball. I have two weapons of choice for any of the above scenarios, 'Motion Hold' by Sassoon and '24 Hour body' by Tresemme. 

The Sassoon spray is my favourite, it smells delightful and is the best choice for when the wind whips up and your nicely styled curls haven't a chance.  The product itself isn't overly sticky and brushes out easily, my only qualm is that it sells for salon price and for people like me on a beauty budget it is un re purchasable. That's where my affordable friend from Tresemme comes in, this hairspray does everything that the Motion Hold does but with added oomph, creating voluminous, beautiful locks. 

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