Today's post is one that I thought I would never post on GGMH. Me, wearing nude nails? But what happened to your love of dark talons Hollie? I think it may be something to do with this 90s naked revival but I have been sporting a pale nail.

My favourite shade of the colours above has to be the Headline colours nude in 'Centrefold' - it is the perfect blend of beige and pink which helps shorter nails like my own look healthier and longer. The London Girl polish in the shade '92' is the most pink toned nude that I own, on the nails it looks delicate, I like to wear it when I am donning my biker jacket to add some feminimity to my look. The 2True polish is probably the most brown toned nude out of the four and whilst the colour is lovely on the nails the consistency isn't the best I have tried as some chipping occurs immediately after application. And finally, the shade that I like to call my 'princess polish' 'Sensuous' by Me, Me, Me cosmetics is the perfect nude pink which harbours slightly on the more peachy spectrum. It looks great on shorter nails and makes a tinge of tan glow nicer on the skin.

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