One thing that I love about visiting my parents house, is the cheeky opportunity to turn off the lights, light some candles and drop 'Granny takes a dip' bath bomb from Lush into a super warm bath. This is a once in a blue moon luxury as in my flat I have a shower, a gorgeous, powerful and hot shower but it isn't a bath.  To compensate for my lack of tub I like to really indulge when it comes to shower time by lighting some candles and filling the room with my favourite tunes, which at the moment iare from Ed Sheeran's new album 'X'.

In the shower I like to apply a deep conditioning treatment to my hair, my current favourite being the Original Mineral 'Power Base' which is just sensational at giving dry, over processed hair some revitalisation. My current favourite cleanser is the ESPA 'Foam Cleanser' it is scented with lemon and leaves the skin feeling super clean and nourished, I like to leave the foam working into my skin for 1-2 minutes before rinsing off. 

My favourite shower gel of all time is the 'revitalising grapefruit and pomegrante' cream from Imperial Leather, you can find this at most discount stores such as Wilko's and Home Bargains for a quid.It is the most creamy and dreamily scented gel and paired with Lush 'Snow Fairy' it is a dream combination.

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