On a super chilly night last week I found myself in ASDA doing the weekly shop. Supermarkets these days are a dangerous place for me and my purse as their 'home ware' section (particularly at Christmas time) stocks a whole host of furnishing goodies. I ended up coming away with just one item from the Yankee Candle 'Simply Home' range which is a less pricer diffusion line of their well known, original Yankee Candles. 

The box of six mini, sample candles contains 'Frosted Spruce,' 'Christmas Treats,' 'Frosted Snow,' 'Holiday Magic,' 'Cherry Vanilla' and 'Cinnamon Crush.' Everyone of these little candles are super strong in scent and you wouldn't need more than one burning in the same room for it to be noticeable. My favourite of the bunch so far is 'Frosted Spruce' as it reminds me of a snow covered forest filled with Christmas trees, there is an undertone of pine mixed with sweet and woody scents that leave my room smelling like Christmas. If you're looking for a set of festive fragrances but don't want to purchase and commit to a large jar candle then these little sample candles are perfect for you, burning up to a week at 2 hours a time.

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