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From the madness of last week, to one of those weeks where everything is a mixed bag.

 On Monday I had my last online journalism news day until February next year and although it is a challenge to produce stories good enough for the news website, I have secretly enjoyed the challenge and I am happy with my stories so far.   If you're interested, you can find this weeks work published here and here. 

On Tuesday I found myself bitten by the filming bug and I filmed a new video for my channel that will be going live next week, so keep a look out for that, it will be my November favourites which will also be going up on my blog next Saturday.

Also this week I had a hair cut now, I have to say it was a little more shocking than I had anticipated but I understand that it is for the best if I ever want lush, long, healthy hair again. The hairdresser lobbed a fair few inches off the ends and I am now rocking a layered bob. To try and sprinkle some life and soul back into my tresses, I used the L'oreal 'Casting Creme Gloss' dye in the shade 'Chocolate.' The shade itself is a beautiful rich brown which I love although I am slightly unsure how I went from long blonde hair a few months ago to  a short brown bob. 

Friday afternoon saw me resembling a bag of nerves as I gave my dissertation presentation worth 25%. As somebody who isn't a natural academic I struggle with big pieces of serious, academic work and I felt that the piece I had spent 6 weeks on wouldn't be sufficient. I am very happy to say that I was actually graded with a first, I don't know how but something inside my little brain must have clicked.

Finally, last night the boy and I headed to the Christmas markets in Manchester, somewhere I had never been before and as you know if you read yesterday's post - I love a good market. The tree's and wooden huts were all tarted up in pretty lights and I have to say I did indulge in some festive treats including a warm mince pie and a mug of hot chocolate and Amaretto. 

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