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The week #48 is going to be a little bit different  as  I am currently over in Amsterdam celebrating my 21st which was yesterday. I will be writing a post all about my trip and my birthday celebrations next week if you're interested in having a nosey but for now:

After a challenging news day, on Wednesday I found myself in the Philharmonic Dining rooms having a gin and tonic with ex tabloid journalist Bill Coles, it's always interesting to meet journalists with some high profile by lines to their names to see the kind of personality that you need to be ruthless. In the evening my friends Lauren and Laura and I headed to our favourite burger joint, Byron Burger to attend our annual birthday meal, something that we have been doing since I moved to Liverpool two years ago. Laura's birthday is the day after mine so it always nice to catch up and celebrate turning 20 something. 

On Thursday afternoon I found myself being filmed for the Channel 4 TV show 'One born every minute' which is one of my favourite 'fly on the wall' documentaries. Now, before you start wondering, I was at The Women's Hospital on a PR visit - not to be filmed giving birth. I did however go into one of the filmed birthing rooms to see how the cameras were set up and I have to say those ladies giving birth on camera are very brave as their are camera's positioned at all angles!

The same evening I headed out to the opening of new hotel, Aloft which houses groovy 'loft-like' bedrooms in the iconic Liverpool, Royal insurance building. It was here that I met fellow bloggers Frances Cassandra and Deni Vev where we hogged the photo booth and were treated to a number of intimate gigs spread throughout the hotel which was very exciting. The hotel is so lush and feels very glamorous. I then found myself on the Liverpool Echo coverage making a squeaky noise.. I wish I could be more sophisticated.

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