Patsy Kensit, the velvet voiced actress, singer and model better known for her marriage to controversial rock star, Liam Gallagher. Inside my goody bag from the Cricket fashion night out I received a box of tanning products from the Patsy x beauty range. I had no idea that Patsy Kensit even had a tanning range but she does having teamed up with another unknown brand Moiya Saint. 

Brand mystery aside, lets get down to the nitty gritty of the products themselves. I started by using the gentle pearl exfoliator. It's worth noting that all of the products are scented beautifully with  a 'Tuberose' fragrance. The exfoliator foams which I think it great as usually I end up with a gel formula full of beads in my hand that slips off the skin. Unfortunately, the exfoliating beads only work effectively when used with an exfoliating mitten, on their own barely any old tan is lifted from the skin. 

The moisturiser is very nice, it's a creamy and hydrating and leaves your skin scented and soft, it is a very nice prep product for tanning. The star product of the set is the bronzing moussse which leaves a nice deep tan finish on the skin. It is non drying and doesn't blend into the skin with that strange shade of green in the way that St Moriz does. The colour payoff is deep and lasts for around 4-5 days before becoming a little patchy on drier areas such as the neck and knees.

Overall, I like this tanning set, if the exfoliator were a little stronger at removing tan it would be the perfect tanning gift set. 

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