My cherry red, Dr. Marten boots are my pride and joy but they have indeed ripped my feet to shreds and disfigured my heels. Now, regardless of the horrendous bunion that has appeared on the back of my right foot, I still wear them. In turn this has made every other pair of shoes or boots that I own ruddy uncomfortable.

Ahead of my trip to Amsterdam last week, I wanted a pair of shoes that were comfortable enough for me to walk around all day and practical enough to fight the unpredictable November/ December weather.

Step in the Topshop winkle pickers complete with gold trim and a chain. These are the comfiest pair of shoes that I currently own and as the back is straight, I have no problem sliding my disfigured foot into them. I love the gold detailing and the super pointed toe, a nice statement ankle boot for pairing with leather look leggings or jeans.

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