Cue, another post on hair care. Yes, it is a hot topic for me at the moment - after having well over an inch of my ends and my hair dyed back to a brunette shade I am taking this whole please grow long hair very seriously. Dibbed the 'band aid' for hair I was very excited to give the TIGI 'Reparative Nocturnal Therapy' treatment a try.

The product is applied to dry hair and left on over night before washing your hair as normal. Overnight, the product helps to moisturise and strengthen fried hair. The formula contains keratin an essential protein for hair restoration, shea butter and wheat protein. I have to say it also smells amazing as you lather it on the ends of your hair. The only thing I find a little strange with it is applying a thick cream product to dry hair takes a long time to cover every strand and can get a little messy on your bedding. (I usually use a shower cap to avoid a sticky pillow) The Hair Reborn product does however really make a difference to the quality and managebility of my hair and feels as though it has been given a new lease of life. 

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