With a fairly sizeable amount of of lipsticks in my collection, I still find myself reaching for the same colours day after day. Mac 'Ruby Woo' yes. Rimmel 'As you want Victoria' sorted. I have decided that I will now alternate between a nude and a bright each day of the week, you know, just to spice things up a little.

My current favourite nude is one that I haven't really sported regularly since I was 17. Yes, Kimmy K's favourite 'Angel' by mac.  Angel is a nude- pink that either suits you or it doesn't as it is so blue toned. I definitely think on my natural, pale complexion that it looks a little odd however, against tanned skin it really comes alive. This lippy is a lustre finish so it is uber moisturising.

'Brighton Rock' by Topshop is a punchy, hot pink that looks great on the lips with a nude, matte eye makeup look. The formula is creamy and super long lasting and gives the lips a plump, fuller look. I loved this lipstick a lot when I had blonde hair and even though I gravitate to more deeper red now i'm brunette and it's December, I still love to wear this as it reminds me of a very fun summer.

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