I had an absolute disaster when I came home from Amsterdam last week, my favourite nail polish 'Chelsea' by Nails Inc had shattered all over my suitcase. Luckily, my clothes were saved but my toiletries were ruined. I was pretty gutted as Nails Inc no longer make the shade. 

It was fortunate that I had acquired another polish whilst on my travels to soften the blow. 'Copper Chameleon' by Hema is a beautiful petrol shade of gold, green and purple which reminds me of Topshop's 'Hidden Treasure' polish. Hema are a European retailer that sell a bit of everything, their cosmetics range is quite extensive and their nail polish range is super bargainous. 

The polish applies opaque in one coat and dries super quickly. I noticed chipping after three days without a top coat and the shimmering shade magnify's smaller nails.

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