Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you are all having a lovely day whatever you're doing today. I am headed out with my parents and Grandparents for a yummy Christmas meal after seeing whether or not Santa Claus has remembered that my parents have moved house.

If you have found yourself catching up on GGMH today between mince pies and festive cocktails I have the Christmas TAG for you.

What is your favourite Holiday movie?
Christmas films are the only films that I get really in the mood to watch, especially when the tree is lit up, a few festive scented candles are burning and I have warm glass of mulled wine in my hand. My favourite Christmas film to watch on the run up to Christmas is 'Love Actually' and my favourite film to watch on Christmas Eve is the 'Muppets Christmas Carol.'

Do you like to stay in your p-jays on Christmas day or get dressed up?
On Christmas morning when I wake up I usually stay in my p-jays to head into the living room to see if Santa has called and I will usually stay in them until around 10am before it's time to get showered and ready to go out for Christmas dinner. Once i'm home I get changed into my new set of p-jays that my Mum usually treats me to.

What do you like to do on the run up to Christmas?
I'm usually still at uni until around the 20th of the month and this year was no exception, in the run up to Christmas my boyfriend and I went out to choose our real Christmas tree and decorated it, we also threw a Christmas party at the weekend for some of our friends which was lovely. I like to watch Christmassy films and of course tuck in to the mince pies.

What is your favourite Christmas smell?
I LOVE the scent of a real Christmas tree but my favourite has to be the scent of freshly baked Christmas cake in the oven, a sweet and spicy array of scents mixing to together in the kitchen.

What is your favourite Christmas treat?
Oh for me, it is all about the mince pies with brandy cream!

What is your favourite Christmas drink?
I have really been enjoying the honey and almond hot chocolate from Starbucks this December, as a naughty Christmas treat I like hot chocolate with a drop of Amaretto.

What is your favourite Christmas song?
My favourite Christmas song is good old 'Last Christmas' by Wham but for a more traditional song I like White Christmas.

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