With New Years Eve in a few days time, I thought that I would take some time to look at some of the  goals that I have set for 2015 and the year ahead. 

A 2014 year in review will be popping up on Wednesday if you're interested in looking back over the past year on GGMH with me and I can't wait to look back over the last 12 months and how much my life has changed. Today I am however looking forwards, something that frightens me to death, for once in my life I have no idea how the year ahead will pan out and I am so scared.

In terms of serious things...


First things first, I am hoping to graduate with a BA (hons) in Journalism next July and in order for this to happen I have a lot of work to get through first including my 8,000 word dissertation and January placement, for anybody interested I am heading to work for PR firm in Manchester to see how the wonderful world of PR works.  I hope that I can stand with the cloak and mortar board on and be proud of everything that I have achieved in the last 3 years. I have struggled so much and found all aspects of university difficult but I think I will miss it a lot when i'm spat out into the 'real world' next summer.

Finding a job

Probably the one thing on everybody who will be graduating in 2015's mind, it's certainly on mine to the point where i've had nightmares. This is the one thing that petrifies me the most and although I have a whole host of work experience and (hopefully) my degree behind me, tutors and other professionals like to tell prospective graduates like myself how hard it is to secure a job especially in journalism, PR or the media. I am going to work hard like my life depends on it to secure a full time job by the time I (hopefully) throw that hat in the air. What comes with finding a job is the scary thought and process of moving to somewhere new, i'd take Timbucktoo if it led me to employment though.

Get a place of my own

You can probably notice a pattern stacking up here, but the next process of my 'real world' training once I have found said job is that I would like to properly move out of my parents' house and rent a more permanent place of my own. The day I can dust off all my much loved trinkets from my Mum and Dads loft to move them to my place, will be the best day of my life.

And for the less serious...

Look after my hair better

I dyed my hair a record breaking 25 times in 2014 and I am now paying the price of damage, I am not going to be touching my locks with dye until graduation and only then if my hair seriously needs a re fresh. I am going to do my best to grow it nice and healthy.

Look after my body

Due to being overwhelmingly busy here, there and everywhere this year I barely got the opportunity to visit the gym on a regular basis and I can feel two years worth of hard work that I put into my fitness levels dwindling away by the second, in 2015 I hope to live a healthier lifestyle, healthy body, healthy mind and all that.

Be more frugal

I tend to flitter away my wages in a heartbeat if I know a trip into town is on the cards, next year I want to become more frugal with my spending. This may have to happen if points 1 and 2 don't come through and i'm back at home living with my parents, unemployed *shudder* but in the outcome of a full time job I want to invest in better clothes and trinkets as opposed to cheap things and only buy something if I really need it.

In general I hope to improve on the person that I was this year and be that little bit more kinder and helpful and really kick and fight and work hard to achieve the above goals.

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