Every now and again I like to sway away from the usual notes concerning a beauty product or a new pair of shoes and get stuck in to a tag Q+A. This week I chose 'The 'Me Time' TAG as I have seen it floating around various blogs and Youtube channels for a little while now. With a lot of third year problems going on currently, a little 'me time' would be most welcome. For now though here is what I would do if I had an afternoon to relax. 

What do you read of watch during me time?
I really like catch up on any new videos from my favourite Youtubers. My current favourite being Hey Claire who I discovered in the summer and haven't missed a video since. If there aren't any TV shows that I need to catch up on, I also like to watch old episodes of 'The Hills' especially the super old ones when Heidi and Lauren actually lived together. For things to read I like to flick through a magazine, Glamour is my favourite alongside Cosmopolitan and of course the glossy beauty, Porter magazine.

What do you wear during me time? 
Of course something nice and comfy like my fleecy, leopard print p-jays or I usually pop my fluffy dressing gown of the top of what i'm already wearing.

What are you favourite me time beauty products?
I really like to lather my face in the Origins ' Clear improvement charcoal mask' to give my skin a bit of a pamper but usually a me time task is to lather up in fake tan and massage a nourishing, conditioning masque into my hair. 

What is your current favourite nail polish?
I absolutely love, 'Chelsea,' the deep red wine 'almost looks black' shade from Nails Inc.

What do you eat/drink during me time?
It has to be a hot cup of tea from the teapot and a chocolate biscuit, sometimes I go all out with pizza, BBQ chicken my ultimate treat.

What is your current favourite candle?
It has to be 'Black Coconut' from Yankee Candle it is a delicious sweet and rich scent leaving my room scented for hours.

Do you ever have outdoor me time?
I'd love to live by a beach so that I could head down to the sea and absorb the fresh salty air however, as I live in a city centre, my outdoor me time would be heading down to the shops.

What is your favourite online shop?
In all honesty I never shop online, i'm too impatient and as i'm always out and about I miss the package which then gets redelivered to the post office and I have to go and collect it. I would much rather head into the store to see the product for myself and try it on before I buy it. When I have shopped online it tends to be from ASOS or Misguided. 

What else do you do during me time?
I like to pin pretty pictures on my Pinterest boards, I have inspiration boards on make-up, style and hair as well as boards centred around things I love such as the 1960s, London and music.

I tag everybody who wants to answer these Q+A's to give it a go, leave me a link in the comments below as I am super nosey and I like to see what other people get up to when they have a moment to spare for themselves.

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