Even though I don’t quite get the same thrill that I once did when Christmas Eve was the best night of the year (Getting older sucks the magic out of everything) I still find some festive sparkle for Christmas morning when I pick the presents cheerfully wrapped from under the Christmas tree and although the days of being super, super lucky enough for Santa to bring me the latest ipod, phone or playstation at 21 I have done very well. My family don’t tend to make lists of things we are lusting for, instead it is left to the creative mind to think of present ideas.

The ‘What I got for Christmas’ posts seem to be really popular in the bloggersphere now so I decided that in the bridging week between Christmas and New year, I would let you have a little nosey at what Santa treated me to this year. Of course this post isn’t to advertise how many presents I got or anything like that, it’s simply for the nosey parkers like me and I guess a little reflection for myself to see how lucky I am to have caring friends and family to think of me at Christmas time. 

Since I first visited America in 2008, I have been a huge lover of the Victoria’s Secret body care range, in particular the ‘Amber Romance’ fragrance which reminds me a super hot summer in New York. I was very surprised to receive a few body lotions and sprays from my boyfriend who admirably remembered my penchant for the ‘Amber Romance’ scent. He also treated me to a unique gift of my favourite childhood adaptation of ‘Wind in the willows’ with Michael Palin and the late Rik Mayall.

I think that people know that I like cats, in particular black cats having received a cute little purse from Mantaray, some new p-jarmas (You can’t beat new p-jays for Christmas day) and two ornaments. I was also treated to lots of scrumptious chocolates and various other beauty bits and pieces to make me smell faaabulous!

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