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This week started off a little rough as I found myself in bed sleeping for hours on end consumed by a super sore throat, headache and powerful stomach cramps thanks to Mother Nature. I hate feeling really unproductive and not getting things done but I simply could not lift my head off the pillow which is super unlike me, thankfully by Thursday I was starting to feel a bit perkier just in time for my works Christmas social. 

On Friday I received some good news regarding a work placement scheme in 2015 and although this will be my 6th work experience placement, I have never been keener to get involved with such an exciting, corporate company. Friday night saw myself and the chap headed to his hometown to welcome his sister visiting from Dubai, i'd never met her before and I was super nervous and hoped she would like me, luckily I found out she is an absolute babe! 

Yesterday I was taken on a little tour of the Peak District which I have to say is such a beautiful place with the snow tickling the tops of the hills. 

I still have another week of work left in Liverpool before I head back to my parents' house for Christmas. Next Saturday my friends and I are having a Christmas party with the full works of course and i'm hoping to finish off my Christmas shopping (I always leave everything until the last minute.) 

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