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Well, this is it the final instalment of 'The Week' for 2014, for 52 weeks I have been summing up my daily goings on, some posts jammed packed full of exciting weeks and others more relaxed. Of course, this will be a feature on GGMH that will continue into 2015 however, if you are curious about what was happening on any week of this year, keep an eye out for Wednesday's 'year in review' snippet.

On Monday I found myself back at my parent's house. They have been building a new place over the course of the year so this was my first visit back to where they live. I have to say there is something so comforting about seeing the Christmas tree up in the house and being reunited with family.

As Christmas has absorbed much of this week it has been a festive blur of snow, food, presents and laughter. On Christmas Eve I had a long bubble bath and watched 'It's a wonderful life' for the first time and I loved the messages behind the film. Christmas day saw my family and I head out for a delicious Christmas lunch before walking it all off on Boxing day.

I'll be headed back to Liverpool next week so I have been taking the time to appreciate the silence and less frantic atmosphere that staying in the countryside offers. 

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