24 December 2015


I know, I know i'm the most fickle girl in the land...One minute i'm telling you how much I love my auburn red hair, the next i'm shaking it up for something completely different. 

I've recently been on a pinning spree on my 'hair' board and found some super lush pictures of purple hair. I felt really inspired to help my dark roots blend in a little better with my artificial colour and decided to switch up my orange red, for a purple red.

The colour I used is the Schwarzkopf 'Live' Intense Colour in the shade 'Pure Purple' - I've tried to dye my hair purple before using a L'Oreal Feria colour which was an absolute fail. NEVER use the purple dye from L'Oreal, it give zero effect and when I complained to L'Oreal directly that the colorant had zero effect on my hair, the procedure to resolve the issue was farcical...but that's a whole other story for another time.

I have used LIVE colour on and off for as long as i've been dying my hair and I knew I could rely on the brand to give me some lovely results...Especially when it came to choosing a bold colour. As my hair was already pretty red, the colourant took well and left me with a deep, burgundy purple shade which inspired me to buy some clip in hair extensions to match.

I had to cut my hair when I went through a stage of being addicted to bleach blonde locks and since then i've been very slowly gaining millimetres of length. As my works Christmas party was upcoming, I bought 8 pieces of real hair from a shop in Liverpool to give a fuller head of hair a whirl. The colour match is pretty perfect for the colour the LIVE dye turned my hair and I couldn't be happier with the result. 

To top up my deep burgundy/purple hair I have been using 'Dark Tulip' by Directions, the semi permanent dye is perfect for adding to conditioner to refresh your colour between dye jobs and is the perfect match for both my extensions and my natural hair.


17 December 2015


My friend Hannah is one of my nearest and dearest. We met a few years ago whilst answering the phone and getting up to mischief on the reception desk at the students union we worked at. Since we both moved on from university life and started our careers whilst holding down long distance relationships, we don't see each other as much as i'd like, but that's okay because when we do, a warning message in our favourite pizza joint needs to be put up on the wall because it's loud and we're usually the last people sat there when they want to close.

For my birthday this year, Hannah treated me to the Alice and Olivia for Nails Inc gift set. She knows me very well and whilst I have the shortest, stumpiest nails in the world, she knows that I have penchant for pretty Nails Inc polishes.

This particular collection is inspired by the 1970s sexy rock and roll vibe with a dark bohemian twist and I have to say there aren't any other shades more up my alley. I absolutely love the packaging, the monochrome illustration of a gal with big sunnies, red lippy and a bun reminds me of...well, me. Alice and Olivia are a New York based brand founded by Stacey Bendit and are renowned for producing clothing that mixes whimsical with sexy.

The collection includes 'Next to nothing' which is the sheer, peach shade. 'Ruby Night Sky' my favourite, a gorgeous dark burgundy that looks almost black on the nails. ' Paris Rogue' the perfect Christmas colour, a pearl festive red and 'Gold Goddess' an olive toned gold that is opaque in 2 coats.

This collection has the new Nails Inc brush that swipes the nails with colour in a second, drying quickly and ready to go in two coats. If you like the look of this little array of beautiful polishes, you can find them online or in store at Boots.


2 December 2015


If you know me, then you'll know that when it comes to clothes I love anything outrageous, the crazier the better I say. When I spotted this H+M coat popping up on social media left, right and centre, I knew that it just had to be mine. 

A few weeks ago I headed in store to look at it, majorly swooned and decided that a few Winter coats had to go in order to be able to justify another one. Now that I have four wheels I was able to take a big bag of clothes to the Salvation Army and there was room yet again to buy some new treasures.

After wandering through town one Saturday I decided to just go for it with the H+M jacket, afterall something so wacky may not come instore again and i'd be gutted I missed out. I do feel a bit like Joseph in his technicolor dream coat but it doesn't have cheer me up. It's warm too and whilst the fastening isn't the best (eye hooks) it is great for nippy Winter days as it is long in length and very well lined.


10 November 2015


I can't tell you how much I love Autumn. I know the season has become 'en Vogue' with an endorsement from some of the most influential Youtuber's around however, they are truly on to something as there is something so comforting about a nip in the air and  leaves on the ground in an array of beautiful colours ranging from yellow to burnt orange and fiery red. 

I was recently in Reading and I have to say, beside the river were some of the most Autumnal scenes i've ever witnessed, the river was hugged tightly by an eery mist and the ground scattered with leaves that crunched underfoot. 

We decided to walk down the riverbank and feed the hundreds of swans, ducks and geese that live on the river. The air was biting but not too severely so I opted to wear my houndstooth cape from DamartI wore it all weekend, pairing it firstly with a burgundy swing dress from Primark and a black and white mini dress from Topshop. The material is super snuggly and the ultimate item for wrapping around you to keep you cosy.

The black and white print is a great compliment to bold colours so I styled the cape with my cherry red Doc Marten's and chunky tights to keep extra snug. 


29 October 2015


If you've been reading GGMH for a while you'll be familiar with my love for KORE Skincare an Australian brand that launched here in the UK earlier this year.

When I was first introduced to the brand I wrote individual reviews of all of their skincare products which you can find here if you're interested. Having started using the full range to help my skin become more settled, I decided that it might be fun to show you my everyday skincare routine and include it within a brief snippet of my day. As some of you may know I have dabbled with Youtube since 2010 so it was fun to create some video content again. 

I wasn't paid to create this video I just really love the brand and since reading more and more about tailored skincare and the benefits of using anti-ageing products early on, I have incorporated the rich KORE products into my routine and my skin has never looked more radiant and clear to the point where friends and family have asked me what i've been using because of how perky my skin looks. As someone prone to blemishes and dark circles these compliments were certainly very welcome!

KORE Skincare is made up of natural ingredients including Bovine Colostrum, a powerful bioactive concentrate that improves the functioning of the immune system as well as being chemical and paraben free...and most importantly for me, it is not tested on animals.

And though I love it all, my three stand out products are the Pearl intensive serum, Pearl Optimal Repair Cream and the Foaming Cleanser (Don't be off put my the name, no over drying foamey formula here!)

If KORE has taken your fancy...You can find everything you need to know about the brand and products here.


27 October 2015


I was recently introduced to the Tune Hotel concept whereby rooms are minimally priced yet finished to a basic though high quality standard. A branch of the Tune Hotel has opened recently on Castle Street here in Liverpool and I was very kindly invited down to spend one night* experiencing the idea. 

Tune Hotels ethos is to provide hotels in central locations with 5 star beds and powerful hot showers in a secure and clean environment. I arrived at the space to be greeted by a very cheery receptionist who gave me a quick run through about the hotel and the information about my room. I was staying in room 503, a double room with a window looking onto the Liver building. I have to say the hotel is positioned in a brilliant location a stones through from the Liverpool One/ Church Street shopping hubs and of course the Albert Dock and waterfront. 

My room was spotless when I arrived and I was really impressed with the automatic heating/ air conditioning unit that adjusted the temperature of the room accordingly. After unpacking my overnight bag I jumped onto the large, comfy  bed (it was literally like a marshmallow) and popped Corrie on the large, HD screen. 

The general idea is that the hotel room is sold to you at a set price for the basic amenities, optional add ons such as towels are £2.50 per towel and toiletries (Which smell ah-mazing and are by Prija which are pretty standard in hotels but lovely quality.) The television add on is £5 for 24 hours, £9 for 72 hours and £14.00 for unlimited access. The wifi £5 for 24 hours or £9.00 for 72 hours and is super speedy though a long and laborious form has to be filled out in order to be hooked up. An in room safe is £3.50 and the hairdryer £2.50 once activated for your entire stay. Other services include a travel adapter and printing service.

I have to say, the hotel was quiet and the bed was literally one of the comfiest beds i've ever slept on. One of my only reservations (see what I did there ;) ) is that there are no tea/coffee making facilities that can be added on...Drinks and snacks are available to purchase from reception but it's nice on a morning to make a brew. I also think the cost can easily be bumped up to a fair old amount with the add ons and necessities such as no towels as standard can catch people out.

Overall, I have to say that for savvy, budget travellers the Tune Hotel is one of the best i've stayed in. If you want basic but clean and modern then i'd high recommend trying the concept out.


20 October 2015


[After applying Colour on, rinsing and leaving hair to dry naturally]

Whenever i'm pulled to Superdrug by my addiction to hair dye, I always try to lessen the blow by picking up a conditioner, or a new heat protectant anything to stop colour chemicals being applied to my scalp and hair. As you all know I have a serious problem with hair colouring and I would go as far as saying I have somewhat of a problem that needs addressing.

On one of my episodes a few weeks ago, I found myself in the hair dye aisle with a box of red dye in my hand. Whilst scouring the shelves I discovered the Colour On Semi permanent hair toner collection which is new to Superdrug. Intrigued, I was eager to learn more and picked up the red variant (There's a toner for brunette and blonde hair also.) The box states that the product has no ammonia or peroxide and is gentle on the hair.

That night I followed the instructions on the box which was the apply the formula to shampooed hair, though next time for an even more vibrant result i'm tempted to apply it to dry hair as instructed by every hair dresser i've ever met. I left the product on for 40 mins before rinsing.

I was really pleased with the result which left me with a plummy, pink toned all over red which has lasted all week without any major fading. I really love the product but I have one criticism, it retails at around £7 and is essentially a tubed version of the infamous Directions Paint Pots which you can pick up for as little as £1. With this in mind, I probably wouldn't buy this toner again but i'm certainly glad that I gave it a try as one tube has lasted me over three weeks already.


13 October 2015


Defining your style is a weird one isn't it? Some people fit nicely into a box, 'Scandi- chic' or distinctly 'boho' but me, i'm all over the place. With the rise of fast fashion and the rapid turn around of trends and seasons, no two outfits are ever the same. 
If you've read my blog for a little while now, you'll know that I regularly upload a series named 'Four days, four outfits' - if you fancy a nosey you can find a few here, here and here. The series documents four of my outfits that i've sported over a week. I often get comments telling me i'm brave with colour and interesting in the way I clash prints. But the truth is, I don't do it for any particular 'hey, look at me' way I just wear whatever catches my eye at 6am when I fling my wardrobe open. If that happens to be a bright pink sweater and leopard print leggings, then so be it.

This is not to say that I don't take inspiration from certain people and eras. I'm very much inspired by the witchy, boho style of Stevie Nicks, the band boy girlfriend vibe of Kate Moss and the kookiness of Fearne Cotton. I guess all of those people have in common a love for the classic rock chick look paired with a hippy vibe. 

I love faux fur, leather and sparkle. If you were to raid my wardrobe you'd find a whole host of cheap, vintage and expensive stuff but most of all you'll find colour! I really feel style erupts around your hair colour. When I was blonde, my style was very classic with lots of floral and pastel toned pieces that i'm back redhead it's more about darker, moodier shades and patterns. 


8 October 2015


I first discovered HEMA when visiting Amsterdam last year for my 21st birthday I bought what is probably my all time favourite nail polish 'Copper chameleon'  which is a beautiful gold/bronze shade with green undertones.

A few weekends ago, I found myself in the newly refurbished, Birmingham New Street station which I might add is MEGA. I noticed that they have a HEMA and let out a squeal of happiness before rushing in like a mad woman to stock up on my favourite nail polish and nosey at other treats they have in store. 

In addition to Copper Chameleon I found another allusive and mesmerising shade which goes by the way of 'Chameleon Green' the peacock, turquoise shade is a blend of green and blue  - it's basically a mermaid in a bottle! 

The lasting power of this range is pretty darn awesome too, I usually get 6 days chip free as the formula is light and pearlescent, masking chips more effectively. 


2 October 2015


I've always had an eye for jackets that are furry and oversized, in-fact the more extravagant the better. A few months ago I stumbled across TDS Hawarden, the mother and daughter fashion duo creating some of the most sought after bomber jackets around. With a feature in Teen Vogue and a sell out rate of 10 minutes, you know you're onto something exciting with The Design Studio.

TDS launch a select few exclusive, one off designs and once released they are almost like gold dust to get your mittens on. I've tried on a few occasions to bag myself a bomber only to have somebody pip me to the checkout! 

If you like the look of the jackets I strongly recommend following TDS on Instagram to see when new collections are dropping and if you see a style you like, click buy immediately.

My jacket is the HYDREF. A beautiful mix of faux fur in my favourite colours brown, grey, orange, lilac and black. As soon as I saw the jacket had landed I knew that it has my name written all over it... When I wear it I feel like a cat crossed with an owl and when paired with antique rings, tortoiseshell rimmed glasses and a plain black tee and skinny jeans it looks even more incredible.

This bomber jacket is the perfect Autumn wardrobe accompaniment, the fur keeps you nice and snug whilst looking incredibly stylish.


24 September 2015


It's been a little while since a '4 corners of my room'  post adorned your screens - in-fact it was back in 2013 when I showed you around my bedroom. Ah, so much nostalgia I loved that little place, painted Opiate purple with gold coving. These days I live in my own flat, so there a few more corners to show you. I've picked four of my favourites to show you today.

1.The first corner holds my bed, my flat came fully furnished therefore I didn't have a choice about the furniture, my bed head isn't too bad but I figured it would look better with scattered fairy lights. You may remember that I used them in my studio when I lived in London, they're from Ikea and give a red, warm glow when lit at nighttime. My cushions are a little miss matchy at the moment as they were bought for my old place. My bedding (which you can see a better picture of here) is from TK Maxx and is a colourful spread featuring Indian elephants and Asian prints. My canopy is there to create a cost nest and of course features a dream catcher for all of those nasty nightmares.

2.The second corner is a little slice of my kitchen, one of my favourite places when i'm washing up or making a brew aside the light from the huge sash windows. I have covered some of my cupboards with a selection of my favourite people. There's everybody from my Nan to my fellow internship buddies all reminding me of good times, people and places. I have a random selection of bits and bats hanging around this area, there's a vintage, silver teapot and a shopping list from the 1970's that belonging to my Nan. A lemon Yankee Candle sits on top of my coffee pot and can anybody spot the Yorkshire tea?

3.Across to my sofa, a little leather number that I decided to make more colourful by spreading a sheet I bought in Ibiza over the top. My cushions were an investment I made a few years ago and are from India. They're scatter cushions more than for snuggling into but I love them. Cosmo magazine sitting there is a must along with my favourite eucalyptus and sage candle and incense stick box, also a little treat from Ibiza. 

4.Finally, my favourite corner that houses my best trinkets. If you read the original 'Four corners' piece you may remember some of my vintage teacups. Having had them in storage for a year or so, it's so good to have them out on display again and for use with Sunday brunch of course. A little fact for you, the two yellow ones at the front belonged to Mary Portas when her agency was 'Yellowdoor.'The next shelf down holds my perfumes and a Fortnum and Mason jar holding my incense sticks. The lights strung from the arch are from Primark and are battery operated to avoid any ugly wiring. 


17 September 2015


On Saturday morning I was up bright and early to visit the new Liverpool branch of Rush Hair. The salon had opened the doors that morning to their first branch outside of London and South East.

Liverpool is infamous for its hair and beauty loving 'Scouse Birds' who are always immaculately groomed, therefore it is not surprising as to why the Rush team decided to expand their brand into Merseyside. 

Having had a Hollyoaks infused press launch the night before, I headed into the salon to find it a hive of activity and excitement. I was introduced to stylist Tom who whizzed me over to a chair and got to work on my mop. If you're a long time reader of my blog, you'll have seen my many hair colours evolving over the years however, I am back to being a red head.

As my hair is currently at that 'awkward length' Tom and I decided that a nourishing treatment and colour refresh would keep me from doing anything crazy with my hair until it has grown out passed my collarbone. Within a matter of minutes a teapot brewing hot breakfast tea and a Lindt chocolate had appeared and Tom was mixing my 'glossing'* shade 5.66 'Light Red Brown' and had decided that a Keratase ' Fusio Dose'* treatment was the ticket to luscious hair.

Having had the colour applied, I sifted through the fresh pile of glossy magazines before 20 minutes passed and I whisked into the beautifully, ambient rinsing room. Seperated from the main styling area and calmly lit, Tom rinsed my colour, shampooed my hair, treated me to a lovely head massage before applying the Kerastase spray treatment. 

I've never been a fan of blow dries, bouncy curls just aren't my thing and my super straight hair never holds the shape for more than an hour. Tom pivoted my opinion and styled my hair perfectly, accentuating the longer length and shaping the shorter pieces.

The glossing colour is the perfect shade for Autumn, steered away from the artificial reds that I would choose in the past, the shade is a perfect red for a dark brunette. It's spicy, dimensional and shiny. The treatment has also revitalised my colour after a battering in Ibiza and of course previous neglect. I couldn't be happier with the result. A huge thankyou to Tom from the new Rush, Liverpool salon.


8 September 2015


Whenever I told friends, family or colleagues that I was headed to the island of Ibiza for my summer holiday, a few people would look at me blankly and say things along the lines of: "Aren't you over your clubbing days?" or "I didn't expect you to want to go there." There is so much more to Ibiza than the hardcore clubs and celebrity spotting.

I was quite taken aback by the liberal, bohemian culture of the island, particularly out of the resorts and into Ibiza town. There were flee markets sprawling down every winding street and the scent of incense filled the air. I paid a visit to the infamous Punta Arabi 'Hippy Market' which has been situated near Es Canar since 1973. Funnily enough my Mum paid a visit there some 20 odd years ago and I had no idea we were walking the same dirt tracks. I found myself in a haven of trinkets.

From the Hippy market I bought two bangles, both antique gold - one with embellishment and the other with jet black stones. I found myself attracted to a brightly coloured multi strand necklace complete with tassels and charms. I also bought a wooden vial of rose oil which not only looks pretty awesome against my more traditional glass bottled perfumes, but it also smells ah-mazing.

Down at the beach, a lot of people who were camping nearby were sat on beautiful cotton sheets in jewel tones colours and adorned in ethnic patterns. I knew that a similar style sheet would look nice on my sofa and when I found the perfect style it was quickly taken down to the beach at nighttime, to sip Sangria on and listen to the waves.

I am a big fan of incense and usually have a few sticks burning when i'm home. I stumbled across a burnt orange box contained sticks scented with Myrrh, white rose and Frankincense. I have to say, they smell delicious!

I really loved the laid back vibe of Ibiza and every-time I look at my little treasures they remind me of such a chiller holiday now that the Autumn rain has set in!


28 August 2015


Mac lipsticks are always a little treat that I buy on my way in or out of the country, unintentionally this just seems to be the way that my high end lipstick purchasing has gone. Today I present you with two very similar lipstick shades that are perfect if you're looking for a more unusual take on a red toned lippy. 

I bought 'New York Apple' on my way to Turkey a few years ago. The muted raspberry red shade (seen on the right) has a pinky undertone with tiny gold flecks and a frosted sheen. Now, I know Frost finish lippy's get a bad rep however, New York Apple does not scream Granny lips! Perfect for the Autumn/Winter season the formula is super moisturising and adds a nice pigment to the lips. 

'Fresh Moroccan' was bought in Amsterdam around my 21st birthday. This lipstick shade (seen on the left) is a more copper/cinnamon toned red again with gold flecks. It is a very festive shade that I know would look beautiful with asian skin - like New York Apple, Fresh Moroccan is a frost finish. 


24 August 2015


Imagine a place to hang out or work where you can drink as many brews and eat as many pieces of cake as you like. For free. 

Introducing Ziferblat, where the only thing you actually pay for is your time.

Define, Ziferblat: Clockface

The concept hailed from Moscow, Russia whereby a group of poets lead by Ziferblat founder Ivan Meetin, would leave poems on the back of pieces of paper with a location of where the next meeting for like minded individuals would be held. This would continue until a more permanent space named the 'Treehouse for adults' an attic was found.

Back in the UK the idea encourages guests to treat the space like their home. You are completely welcome to help yourself to a number of different teas, brownies, cereal, toast from the kitchen and hook up to the Wi-Fi. The space encourages people to work, hold meetings, study, run workshops and socialise and the only fee is the 6p you pay per minute.

The interior of Ziferblat ,which is based in the beautiful Colonnades on Liverpool's Albert Dock is made up of charity shop treasures, a miss match of furniture, lampshades and clocks. The space is light and bright with a relaxed vibe, in one corner people are deep into a game of Scrabble, whilst in the kitchen somebody is helping another individual find the sugar. It's hard not to feel at home amongst the comforting shapes, smells and colours of the room. 

Having already opened two other successful UK spaces on London's Old Street and in Manchester's Northern Quarter, the concept is worldwide with the concept Ziferblat spread around the world. 

The Ziferblat concept has really excited me, since moving to Liverpool three years ago (jee's) I struggled to find opportunities to meet people in anywhere other than bars and clubs. Now that most of my university friends have moved on from the city, i'm once again on the hunt for some chums and I believe that the Ziferblat concept can help with just that.


20 August 2015


It's no secret that I am a jewellery fiend. Since the days of sitting on the edge of my Nana's bed unboxing her precious trinkets and wearing as many layers of beads as possible. I'd describe my jewellery as quite an eclectic mix of contemporary bracelets and dainty chains to outlandish cocktail rings and chunky bangles. 

I recently discovered jewellerymaker.com a site dedicated to the art of jewellery making and genuine gemstones. Headed up by Paula Bennett, jewellery maker aims to offer the best selection of stylish and innovative products to make jewellery with.

I spent my Saturday afternoon with a cup of tea partaking in a spot of crafting. Jewellerymaker.com very kindly introduced me to a jewellery project kit of which I chose the 'Leaf and heart charm bracelet' in the copper finish. 

Retailing between £9.95 and £14.95 depending on which kit you choose, these crafty bracelet making kits make for a perfect gift. The clean lines of the packaging and instructions allow for a crafting experience that isn't overwhelming, anybody can do it with the right tools (I used a pair of tweezers) and a little bit of patience.

My bracelet was super, super easy to assemble, taking me around 30-40 minutes to create from scratch and I couldn't be happier with it. The materials are of a good quality - no flimsy jewellery to be seen here and since creating my special piece of DIY I haven't taken it off. 

13 August 2015


Last weekend I found myself in the beautiful village of Hasslemere, Surrey attending the most splendid and beautiful wedding i've ever been invited to. I had bought three outfits to wear for the occasion and simply couldn't settle on any of them. Some were too thick in materials, others too tight (eek) and I just couldn't find the one.

On a whim I bought a midnight blue dress from Chelsea Girl at River Island. Lined with tassels the style of the dress is very 1920's flapper girl-esc. I decided that this would be the dress -not realising that temperatures could soar up to 70 degrees on the day. I paired the dress with an embellished blue waistcoat from Primark that is years and years old. Again, this little jacket has fringing on it and I felt the silver brightened an otherwise dark outfit up a little. On my feet I wore my ever trusty 'Gibby' sandals from Dune.

In terms of accessories I decided to go all out, why the hell not ey? I don't attend many weddings so a fascinator was a definite yes. I borrowed a pewter-y toned fascinator from my Mum, I love the mix of feathers and curls - and it looked its best with hair up which is what I wanted to go with anyway.  I wore a vintage brooch that belonged to my Nana to keep my outfit fairly classic in theme. My clutch bag was one of the key components of the outfit, it is the silver RAE art deco clutch by Vintage Styler - roomy enough to fit the essentials and versatile in the way it can be worn on or off the shoulder. Inside I kept my phone and lippy of the day 'Ruby Woo' by Mac amongst a few mints, mini face brush and pressed powder compact.

For my make-up I began with the Clarins 'Beauty Flash Balm' as a base before applying 'Studio Fix Fluid' from Mac in the shade NW20. I used the Physicians Formula 'Deluxe Bronzer' to sculpt my cheeks before going in with 'Soft and Gentle' by Mac for the perfect highlight and dewy glow. On my eyes I wore 'Green smoke' by MAC with a touch of 'Toasted' from the Urban Decay Naked Palette through the crease. The mix of shimmery copper and green really brightened my eyes up, especially with a lining of the Lacura beauty Kohl in black. I used my trusty Jica lash extensions with lashings of the Kate Moss 'Eye Rock' mascara to add drama. On my lips I used the iconic 'Ruby Woo' by Mac with the shimmer of 'Fresh Moroccan' (also by Mac) layered over the top. Throughout the super scorching heat of the day I touched up with the Almay 'Balancing pressed powder' to avoid any shiny situations.


8 August 2015


I've always been fascinated by popular music culture, how music and style defined an era whether it's the suede flares of the 1970s or frills of the 80s new romantics. A dream job for me would be to work alongside a record company sourcing new talent and producing records. Sadly, the days of traditional A+R are gone and the Stock, Aiken and Waterman style of record producing to dominant the charts isn't as prevalent anymore. 

Magazines such as Smash Hits and Top of the Pops were my favourites as a kid growing up in the early 00's even when music culture defined by pull out lyrics and heart throb interviews were on their way out. Sadly both publications ceased production in 2006. 

These days, I get my musical kicks from autobiographies and documentaries, I like looking at history, times and places when I was a mere sparkle in my parents' eyes. Music documentaries are an ace way of time travelling. What is particularly prevalent is the way that a young Mick Jagger divulges to a camera, snakeskin boots and velour trousers a plenty with no clue that over 40 years later he remans an icon and a firm piece of music history. 

Here are three of my favourite rock documentaries, all must see's for completely different reasons.

Gimme Shelter, (1970) The one that makes you feel like you shouldn't be watching. A pure observation documentary, no voiceovers, no interviews just a painful fly on the wall that follows The Rolling Stones in the lead up and aftermath of that fateful final show of their 1969 US tour at the Altamont Speedway. The footage is split between the band watching the clips from the documentary and what was happening at the time. The film captures the brooding energy of the 'Woodstock of the West' and the elements that steered the free concert to doom from the start. From Mick Jagger begging the crowd to stop hurting each other, to Keith Richards displaying his dismay at the Hells Angels behaviour. As soon as you hear The Stones riffing 'Under my thumb' you can feel the mood worsening - the film captures the stabbing of 18 year old Meredith Hunter who was violently stabbed whilst trying to get onto the stage holding a gun. The footage is undercut with Jagger's haunting realisation to what he described as a 'scuffle' at the time. 

Kurt and Courtney (1998) The one that makes you think Kurt was murdered. If you want atmosphere projected by the grey Seattle backdrop and the thrashing of dirty, alternative metal then be prepared to immerse yourself into late 80's/ early 90's Nirvana. Serving up a conspiracy led focus, Nick Broomfield's no prisoner journalism leads us to a number of characters claiming to know Cobain and his headspace before his ruled suicide in '94. Unfortunately in a film centred around the man behind Nirvana's lyrical sound - there is no Nirvana music featured as Love refused to license any of Cobain's music. The details of murder accusations are unveiled by conspiracy theorists Tom Grant, Love's father, Hank Harrison and more darkly, El Duce who claimed on film he knew who killed Cobain and was subsequently killed by a train two days after the interview.  An interview with journalist Victoria Clarke is also included which depicts the threats left on her answer machine by Cobain and Love following her work on the book 'Nirvana: Flower Sniffin' Kitty Pettin; Baby kissin' corporate rock whores' which was penned with Britt Collins. The ending of this one is filled with catastrophic irony which is why this dark music documentary is a must see. 

Soul boys of the western world (2014) The one that makes you wish you were an 80's Blitz kid. Beginning with the punchy chords of 'The Freeze' playing underneath the voices of Tony, Gary, Martin, Steve and John, the film chronicles the roaring successes and turbulent times of Spandau Ballet. Littered with home footage, photo archives and a seriously awesome soundtrack that not only features all of the Spandau hits but also includes chart toppers from the likes of David Bowie and  Rod Stewart. Narrated by the band, the film documents the humble beginnings of 'Gentry' to the golden success of Spandau, how Gary Kemp headed the lyric factory, Tony Hadley's velvety vocals and the austerity of that infamous 90's court case over royalties which sadly drove the band to a n indefinite parting until a reconciliation in 2009. One to watch for 80's culture and a slice of 'true' new romantic music. 


18 July 2015


My skin is so unpredictable, that after so long a stable cleansing routine results in break-outs, dry patches, oily patches and the whole thing looks a mess. In the run up to my graduation I wanted my skin to look its best for the all important picture for the mantlepiece holding that fake scroll. 

I was recently introduced to KORE skincare, an Australian brand that has recently launched here in the UK. Having had press coverage in The Times and attracted the interest of few beauty bloggers, I wanted to try the 'superior skincare' that is blended with a 'KORE complex,' natural ingredients, is paraben free and developed without any form of animal testing. 

KORE introduced me to their 'Luxury starter travel pack*'' aka the KORE '7 wonders' which includes the Foaming cleanser, Pearl Optimal repair cream, Pearl intensive serum, Restorative day cream, Repairing eye cream and the Pearl Revitalising toner. Each miniature contains enough products for 14 days worth of use and I have to say i've managed to squeeze almost 20 days out of my minis. 

I really like the handy informational booklet that comes alongside the products to give you a wealth of information about the brand and the science behind the products.

The gentle exfoliator: Once a week I like to use an exfoliator to really scrub my skin and shed any dead skin to keep my face looking radiant and bright. The KORE Pearl exfoliator is not one of those overly abrasive products that scrub your skin aggressively. Instead it is made up of very fine granuels that gently exfoliate the face.

The foaming cleanser: I start my daily KORE skincare routine by cleansing my face with a clean, warm flannel and the 'Foaming cleanser.' I'm not sure why this product is labeled as a 'foaming' cleanser as in my opinion it is more of a creamy product that sinks smoothly into the skin with no foam at all. Foaming cleansers get a lot of bad press since the rise of Caroline Hirons opinions in the beauty blogging sphere and this one certainly doesn't have the over drying characteristics of a foaming cleanser. It is refreshing and light. 

The revitalising toner: This is my favourite product in the pack and smells delicious, in some ways the whole range should be scented like this as it is just so fresh. As the second step in my daily skincare I spritz the product directly onto my face and massage in or sometimes use it in the day to give my make-up a re-fresh. This is the only KORE product that contains alcohol. 

The Pearl intensive serum: Serums have become my 'thing' at the moment I love the intensive hydration that they provide especially for dehydrated skin. Containing magic ingredient 'Hyaluronic Acid' it is a great weapon for combatting signs of premature ageing. 

The repairing eye cream: I haven't found myself as into eye creams as I probably should have now that i've hit my early 20's. The eye cream is instantly hydrating, especially when layered over the Pearl intensive serum and is super a nourishing serum for application around the delicate eye area. A tiny amount of this particular product is required as a little goes a long way.

The Pearl optimal repair cream: This moisturiser is best suited to more mature skin as it is super, super nourishing and rich. You can really tell there's some punch and power behind it. This is one of the KORE hero products and it certainly doesn't disappoint. 

The restorative day cream: Probably more suited to my younger skin, this moisturiser was another highlight product of the range. It is less rich than the Optimal repair cream and is more oilier when sinking into the skin. It contains my favourite ingredient Vitamin E which helps to keep the skin hydrated and soft.

I really wish the '7 wonders' kit was available to buy directly from KORE as it is the perfect skincare treat for whilst on holiday. Instead, the kit is only available as a gift when you spend over £100 on KORE products and is worth £62. 

Overall, These premium products are extremely worthy rivals amongst their French counterparts in the skincare market. They contain a range of ingredients to suit all ages and skin types which is a diversity I really like. KORE also write a heavily informative blog about skincare which covers everything from how to use your products, to blemish busting and breaking down skincare jargon.

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