I always love the end of the month rounding-up the beauty products that have been tickling my pickle over the past few weeks. At the start of the month, I made a new years resolution to myself to dig out neglected products that have been sitting in my stash for some time and to try and slip them into my everyday routines.

The lips  I haven't adorned my lips with the RMK Irresistible lips lipsick in ages, which is slightly odd given that early in 2014 it was my absolute favourite shade to sport. The nameless shade is a super, super moisturising brown toned dusky red shade that perfectly accompanies a wash of gold on the eye lids. The shade is super pigmented and long lasting without being too smudgy. It's your lips but better... One of those.

The eyes I've been dabbling with brown eye liner again, more specifically a gel liner in a deep golden, brown  shade from Collection. I like to use this on my waterline only as it warms up a golden, smokey eye look and looks less harsh against more basic everyday make-up.

The hair I have been dabbling with sea salt spray throughout January and experimenting with texture in my hair. With the amount of deep, nourishing conditioners that I slap on my barnet weekly my hair is often ridiculously soft but limp and a little lifeless. A few spritzes of the 'just back from the beach' Boho waves, tousled texture mist and my hair is flexible and texturised without being weighed down or greasy.

The moisturiser If you read [this post] you will have already been introduced to my love for the Victorias Secret Such a flirt body butter. Scented of fresh watermelon the hugely moisturising formula leaves the skin scented delicious and super, super moisturised.

The foundation With an abundance of 6:00am wake up calls throughout January, I turned to an old favourite of mine the Rimmel Wake me up foundation. A gel based, slightly sparkly formula that builds a medium coverage base on your skin and evening out tired, grey skin and brightening up your complexion. 

The eyes The Dazzling Khaki eyeshadow by L'oreal is one of my all time favourite shadows to work with when I am wanting a sparkly, smokey eye. The beautiful grey-green shadow is part of the Chrome Shine range which i'm not sure is still a L'oreal line but it can be very easily found online. Perfect for light eyes, it gives them a magnifying pop of colour.



I've dabbled with statement hats since I was 14 and rocking a trilby to a number of gigs was the style statement of 2006. I guess I was going for the I'm with the band look and whilst the head gear may not have been my best fashion moment, the hat is back and quite literally bigger than ever.

Last summer I gave the floppy hat a try after a stream of Instagram uploads inspired me, this however wasn't my best purchase as it would always blow off, didn't suit my face shape and looked strange with my ever shortening barnet. 

This year I was inspired by outfits on Pinterest that were accessorised with a fedora and after much deliberation I decided to try out another hat by purchasing a tan fedora from Primark. What's more is that it was reduced from £7 to just £2. Bargain. I like the idea of a lighter colour head piece as it warms my complexion up a little and adds colour to my usual all black ensemble.

I think that the fedora suits my shorter hair nicer, in particular with a loose, bouncy side plait and with it being slightly tapered suits my heart shaped face much better. 

Hats off to the fedora.



It has been a record breaking nine weeks since I last put colour on my hair and with the semi permanent  colour naturally faded through each wash, it was time for a re-fresh ahead of my latest internship. 

This time around I gave 'Pure Honey' a try and whilst this is a very warm dark blonde - on my miss match of hair colours I figured that it would give me the warmth that I was looking for. If anybody watches Corrie I was after something similar to Carla Connor's latest hair colour that almost auburn blonde layered over dark brown. The pictures on the left were taken before and the pictures on the right after using the colour.  What I love about these colours is the subtle colour boost, as you can see there isn't too much difference but enough the make you notice that there is something different going on. 

I am really impressed with the Casting Creme Gloss semi permanent colours as they give unbeatable nourishment and shiny bold colour lasting up to 28 washes and using no ammonia. As i've mentioned before the conditioning treatment infused with royal jelly is awesome, I wish L'oreal produced it  separately as it leaves your hair ridiculously soft.


THE WEEK #4 2015

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Between falling asleep, coughing and sneezing 30 times a day, I tried to make the best of a poorly week. Yes, the disgusting cold virus caught me again and I have felt so rough with it. It started with a scratchy feeling in my throat which led to five days of not being able to keep my head up and surviving on fruit, Lucozade and Lemsip tablets.

On Monday when my health was reasonably okay my friend Liam and I caught up over a bottle of rose however by Wednesday I felt horrendous but still managed to drag myself to the cinema to finally watch 'The theory of everything' which was absolutely outstanding. I really recommend giving it a watch it's heartwarming and emotional and Eddie Redmayne's portrayal of Stephen Hawking is fantastic, at times I truly believed it was him.

This weekend I bleached my hair bright blonde, yes I did that. What a nutter, and I hated it so badly that I marched straight to the shops to buy a brunette shade to cover it up. Of course brown over canary yellow makes a ginger baby so I am now rockin' a strawberry blonde do and I actually love it.

On Youtube this week I absolutely loved beauty matron Sali Hughes' 'In the bathroom with Marian Keyes' despite her on going battle with depression, best selling fiction writer Keyes comes across as such a babe, indulging us all in her love for nail polish and her penchant for pretty shoes. I really recommend you watch the 3 part series on Sali's channel.



It's funny to think that when I was around 17, I was obsessed with Keeping up with Kardashians and fan girling over Kim and Khloe. I never thought much of Kourtney but I thought that Kris was wonder woman. Fast forward four years and I still enjoy a few episodes of KUWTK but I am less all about 'Angel' from Mac and bodycon dresses ala Kimmy K.

Today I am talking about another fragrance from Kim called Fleur Fatale and after reviewing Pure Honey and wearing it as my 'daily' scent I was more impressed by Fleur Fatale, the floral, rose notes being right up my street.

The notes of Fleur Fatale are blackcurrant, violet and bergamot followed by heart notes of tea rose, peony and iris and base notes of amber, sandalwood and white musk. The fragrance is a very feminine scent but without being too mature and talcum powder-esc. I like to wear it everyday when I am savouring my Burberry Body and signature YSL Cinema scents. 



My friends often ask me if there are any products that I have been using that I can recommend for them to try. I always have a list as long as my arm on my iphone of beauty bits and pieces that I think they will like. It never occurred to me that some of those might be of interest to you too. I always introduce you to new products that I have discovered but rarely take the time to revisit old ones in depth, here are three for you to try.

I was first introduced to Origins skincare around two years ago and since then I have created a small collection of their hero products. The Clear improvements
charcoal mask is awesome at clearing up those under the skin blemishes that seem to stick around for weeks. I like to use this mask once a week after cleansing and I have to say the play doughy scent is pretty cool too.

I'll be honest, The MUA Cover and Conceal 'concealer' is rubbish as being a concealer and providing coverage of blemishes and skin imperfections however, it is awesome at being a highlighter. The formula is light and easily blend-able and at £1 per tube it's affordable to buy all three shades to mix your perfect highlighting shade for under the brow bone and on the tops of your cheeks.

My hair has been saved by a miracle product, the TIGI Hair reborn, reparative nocturnal therapy
cream is awesome. You apply the thick, creamy formula to dry hair and leave it in over night before shampooing and conditioning your hair as normal. The results are insane, my hair never washes as well as when I use this and the amount of moisture punch it provides.



I love TAGs, I love reading them and taking part, today I have the Would you rather TAG which I encourage anybody who wants to give it a go to do so.

Would you rather only ever wear eye make-up or base make-up?
Most likely eye make-up as I always feel like my face looks bald without some definition around my eyes, if I am having a make-up free day and something pops up where I need to head out I won't bother with foundation and just slick some mascara on my lashes.

Would you rather cut off all your hair or never cut your hair again?
Well, all things considering and the horrendous hack job that is my hair at the moment, certainly never cut my hair off again. Slowly, i'm getting there, the length has reached my collarbone now and the broken strands are starting to blend in better.

Would you rather always wear your clothes too big or too small?
Most certainly would always wear them too big, I once tried to cram my hips into a pair of jeans that were far too small and it ended up giving me stomach ache and deep cut marks where the material was stretching. Yuck, give me an oversized jumper anyway.

If you were given £1000 to spend on either all clothes, or all make-up, which would you choose to spend it on?
Probably clothes simply because I am trying to build up a better capsule wardrobe of better quality clothes. I like to find drugstore make-up gems so £1000 would probably be too much for me to spend on make-up.

Would you rather wear lipstick as eyeliner or eyeliner as lipstick?
Eyeliner as lipstick, I think lipstick as eyeliner would be a bit too gooey and sticky around the peepers and a black, matte lip might look kind of cool anyway.

Would you never pluck your eyebrows or never shave your legs for the rest of your life?
This is a nightmare scenario! My eyebrows are the most unruly, bushy little terrors so I would look pretty scary but big brows are in so I guess I would never pluck my eyebrows in return for soft, smooth legs.

Would you rather wear bright orange fake tan or no fake tan at all for the rest of your life?
I hate to say it, but i'd rather be bright orange. When I was around 17 that was my natural look anyway (If you've been reading GGMH from the start you might remember THIS horror story from 2011) I just think that I look really poorly without any colour on my opaque, grey/blue natural skin tone.

Would you rather never be able to fill in your eyebrows or only fill them in using a Sharpie?
Forgive me but i'd use the Sharpie responsibly, I hate not having my brows filled in as they are so sparse and thin due to years and years of trying to battle a caterpillar brow (Dark haired girl problems.)

Would you rather dye your hair neon green or wear green lipstick for the rest of your life?
Well, naturally the hair dye fiend inside my would like to give neon green hair a whirl but I am on a serious hair dye ban until my Graduation so I guess the neon green lips might be cool.

Would you rather only use one eyeshadow palette or one lip colour for the rest of your life?
Probably only use one eyeshadow palette because at least then I have the choice of a few shades as opposed to just one lip shade for the rest of my life.


THE WEEK #3 2015

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This week I packed up my desk at the PR agency and finished my time interning in Manchester, I have to say that it has been one of the strangest experiences that I have had in a work place and I learned more about PR practice... on my last day. The two account managers that I sat with were really helpful and let me get stuck into some blogs and social media related tasks and if it wasn't for them, I don't think the experience was worth doing at all.

On Tuesday evening I met up with my friend Maxine Cassidy who once upon a time made Youtube videos, some of you may remember her. We had dinner in Spinningfields and did not stop laughing, I love Maxine because she is brutally honest and open, my kinda gal.

I have been pouring over Pinterest this week and frantically pinning images of Cara Delevigne and Eddie Redmayne in their 2012 Burberry campaign, I think that Eddie Redmayne is gorgeous and I must see The theory of everything next week.

I have also been loving Celebrity Big Brother this year and I am so glad that Katie Price has gone in, I just hope she sticks it out unlike her return stint to the jungle a few years ago. As a young teenager I bought all of her autobiography's and novels and whilst they weren't written by her I enjoyed them all the same. I was also obsessed with her Katie and Peter reality TV shows so I hope that she comes into her own again in the house, It will be interesting to see how she fares with motormouth Katie Hopkins.

Beauty wise I have been dabbling with matte, nude lips, a trend that was insanely popular when I was at high school circa 2009-10 and whilst this time around I don't wear them quite as chalky (GOSH 'Darling' anybody?) I like how subtle they look and very Bridget Bardot with a smokey eye.

This weekend I headed to the opticians for my eyes re testing and having worn glasses since I was 6 years old, I knew that I was overdue a check up. My new, ridiculously over priced but snazzy glasses are on their way, i've gone for a wild purple pair. I also celebrated one of my most creative friends birthday's, after a pretty weird week it was nice to let my hair down and have a boogie.



When it comes to foundation I am extremely loyal and whilst I love dabbling with new and recommended foundations, if I need something that I know will work, I always come back to these two. In my opinion both of these foundations are for people who like a medium to full coverage and not for those who like to rock the natural look as they are both warpaint-esc. 

The Lasting Perfection foundation from Collection is a steal at £4.99 at the drugstore, not only is this foundation ridiculously forgiving to imperfections, pigmentation and blemishes but it is also super long wearing with just a moisturiser acting as a base. The foundation itself is a medium to build-able full coverage and blends beautifully with any foundation or stippling brush. I have been wearing this foundation on a day to day basis for three years now and it has suited my skin as it has transitioned from oily to combination to dry to normal. 

"Oh the one that smells of clay?" Studio Fix Fluid from Mac is one of the first high end make-up product that I bought with my Saturday job wages. It's not cheap and I only tend to use it on special occasions. The medium coverage formula is more liquidy than the Lasting Perfection foundation and requires a bit of work to get it blended evenly into the skin however, once it is set the results are flawless, every imperfection is covered and with a dusting of setting powder, this foundation aint budging. 


I've always been a bronzer gal when it comes to the battle of the cheek product. Blusher I can take it or leave it and whilst highlighter can give me the fresh, glowing complexion I yearn for, it's all about the sculpted cheek when it comes down to the crunch.

I have four bronzers in my make-up collection that I switch up daily, I couldn't really choose a favourite as they all do their job of creating a sculpted, warm cheek perfectly without any tangerine traumas. 

The Delice De Poudre from Bourjois is an iconic bronzer and staple of many make-up bags. Priced at £7.99 it isn't too penny snatching and lasts a lifetime. I have had mine for almost a year now and it's still going strong. The formula smells of chocolate which is always appealing at 7am when the make-up magpie calls.

My most luxurious bronzer comes from Elizabeth Arden, although I didn't pay full price as I found it lurking on the beauty shelf in TK Maxx. The mineral powder is finely ground to give you a beautiful, deep matte brown powder to play with. I use this bronzer mostly for contouring the cheekbones and for when I have a little more tan to my skin in the summer time.

In contrast, my cheapest bronzer is probably up there as one of my top two. The Golden Glow bronzing powder from St Moriz can be found in Bodycare for around £2-£3 and is best described as a highlighting bronzer which works nicely on the top of the cheek bones for a real sunkissed glow.

Finally, the one I talk about all the time. My Physicians Formula Deluxe Bronze is the perfect bronzing weapon, the colour is the perfect complimentary shade for my 'Studio Fix Fluid' NW20 foundation and works well as a sculptor and pop of colour on the apples of the cheek.



With the new year tickling along nicely, I wanted to add a few items to my everyday make-up bag that haven't had their time in the spotlight for some time. Some are old favourites and some old faithfuls. 

First up is a lipstick that instantly brightens my day when I adorn my lips with the punchy, pink shade Girl about town from Mac. The creamy formula stays put on my lips without the need for Lipcoate and remains my favourite Mac lippy of all time.

On to my base of choice, I decided to revisit the Wake me up foundation from Rimmel. The shimmer sprinkled formula does its job nicely at covering up imperfections whilst evening out my skin tone.

I was pleasantly surprised by the St Moriz Golden Glow bronzing powder which is a great product for contouring the cheeks without shimmer or sparkle whilst adding a nice warm colour to the face.

The Physicians Formula 'Lash Boosting Mascara' is one of the best mascara's that I have ever used and in fear of using all of the product up and not being able to replace it easily, I have held off on using it over the last few weeks. I love the precision wand that digs deep into the roots of the lashes building plenty of volume whilst seperating the lashes.

The Maybelline colour tattoo in the shade On and on bronze is in my book one of the best eye products around. The staying power of these little pots of magic is insane and as well as being a fantastic base for eye shadow they look amazing when used solo, giving the perfect dewy eyemakeup look.


THE WEEK #2 2015

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Monday was spent in the library having a slight panic that my dissertation is creeping up over 10,000 words and has another two sections to be written up. I remember worrying back in September that I would never fill 8,000 words and now i'm peaking over 10 which I should take as a good thing that things are progressing although it could just all be rubbish.

On Tuesday I started the expensive process of interning.. again - this time I am working in Manchester at a PR agency based in Spinningfields.. Of course on my first day I got lost and ended up wandering into the old set of Coronation Street at the old Granada studios. I can't say that I am learning too much in the way of PR practice but I have discovered BBC Radio 6 music and I keep my ears open for information and potentially useful contacts that may come in handy in the future - although this week a first happened,  I was asked to walk one of the directors dog. 

I've found getting up at 5:30 to be in Manchester for work and then returning back to my flat around 8pm a struggle, I guess it's not at easy to motivate yourself when you're living on pasta and sauce everyday to be able to pay for the train ticket and not getting any challenges and a pay packet at the end of it, but that's interning I guess, it's what you make of it and next week I intend to use my voice a bit more. 

On Friday the chap and I celebrated our unofficial 1 year anniversary, as a treat for spending my week on delayed trains soaking wet and starving we went to Nando's before yesterday was spent hunched over the old Macbook trying to make some sense out of my dissertation results section. We made a delicious meal in the evening which was gobbled up whilst watching the new series of The Voice

Next week I am back on placement until Thursday before making every effort to apply for more grad schemes and tick off another section of my dissertation. 



It appears that I have unintentionally built up quite the collection of Nails Inc polishes without ever purchasing one from their beauty counter. With thanks to Glamour magazine, Instyle and gifts from friends I have twelve polishes named after various places in the big smoke. At £11-£12 a pot they aren't the most budget friendly brand of nail polish but make sure you look out for them as a freebie attached to glossy mags.

Nails Inc have recently rebranded therefore nearly all of these polishes are in the old style of packaging and with this in mind some of the cute shade names may have changed too. The lasting power of these polishes is pretty good with a top coat, usually lasting around three to four days chip free on my nails.

In the red family I have, Big Apple Red a true red which is the perfect accompaniment to cat eye liner and a bold, red lip whilstSt James is a punchy orange toned red. Heading slightly darker in the red toned spectrum I have Regent Street the perfect maroon and Hanover Square a purple toned maroon. Hampstead Heath is a raspberry pink-red shade which looks great on shorter, square nails.

In 2011 the griege nail trend whipped up a storm in the online beauty community and as a nod to that hype I have Fashion Fawn a lighter grey toned brown and Oxford Street a deeper, beige brown which although is a tricky shade to wear it looks very sophisticated on the nails.

In terms of the more fun shades that I own, Shoreditch is one of my absolute favourites, a real pop of pink for nails. The lilac shade for Instyle magazine is a beautiful pink-lilac shade which is one of my absolute favourites to wear in the summer time and looks great with a slight sunkissed glow.  The royal purple Bond Street is one of the 'gel effect' polishes which in my opinion doesn't have any more lasting power than the normal formula but the shade is a fun colour for your toes.
St Martins Lane is one of my favourite Nails Inc shades, a gorgeous light aubergine purple, perfect for Christmas time with a layer of gold glitter over the top. A more navy, toned royal blue shade comes by the name of 'Old Bond Street' and this is one of the prettiest shades of blue that I have seen, I like to wear this on my toes. 

And finally, an ode to my favourite Nails Inc polish ever Chelsea is a gorgeous 'almost looks black' purple/red polish that was sadly decapitated in my suitcase whilst I was travelling back from Amsterdam.



Back in 2008 I was going through a funny phase of wanting to be 21, married to Zac Efron and rocking a svelt Vanessa Hudgens style torso (I spent 9 weeks on the cross trainer every night with a picture of her stuck to the wall) Instead I was 14, a typical spotty teenager, un-coordinated and moody. 

I visited America in the summer of that year and was introduced to a whole new world of shopping. My family had treated me to some spending money for my visit to the big apple and I had saved every penny of my Saturday job to buy a new handbag for the occasion. 

I found myself in Victoria’s Secret having been attracted to the gorgeous p-jarma sets in the window and once I was in I was in pink paradise. I bought a bath and body set called ‘Amber Romance’ that smelt truly delicious, i’ve never forgotten the scent and when I was treated to some more Victoria’s Secret goodies at Christmas and it reignited my interest in the brand. Luckily there are more stores located throughout the UK now with one in Leeds and Manchester..Just not Liverpool, naturally.

The ‘Amber Romance, untamed’ body butter and moisturiser are a spin on the classic product which adds midnight jasmine and vanilla to the original amber and creme anglaise fragrance. The moisturisers are heavily scented and leave your skin smelling delicious for a long time after application.

I also have the ‘Such a flirt’ body cream and spray which is scented with star fruit and orchid. The spray isn’t too heavy and is perfect for refreshing yourself throughout the day but I like to spray it after I get out of the shower, apply the partnering body cream and give myself a spritz before putting on my p-jarmas. 

Finally, my favourite VS product of the moment the ‘Pure Seduction’ shimmer spray which is scented of red plum and freesia and leaves your skin smelling super sexy. I love the sparkle that is deposited throughout the aloe vera and chamomile laced formula, I like to wear it on my arms and legs when I have on an LBD to bring my look to life.



My love for Mac make-up products started pretty much when my obsession with 'beauty guru's' began back in 2009 when I was around 16/17. Up until then I hadn't heard of the cosmetics line and certainly couldn't afford to splurge on new collections.

My small collection of Mac make-up has been established over the last four years or so and whilst I am a maven for budget beauty, there is something incredibly satisfying about treating yourself to a new Mac lippy or eyeshadow. 

The Face: My favourite foundation of all time is 'Studio fix fluid' a medium to high coverage foundation that matches my skin tone perfectly with NW20. The great thing about Mac foundation is that any formula can be matched to almost any skin tone although I have found that finding super fair shades is tricky. One of my favourite Mac products of all time is 'Soft and Gentle' mineralise skin finish, if you are looking for a 'lit from within' glow then this is the perfect highlighter and a cult Mac product.

The Lips: They are incredibly overpriced and I only ever buy them on special occasions but Mac lipsticks are my favourite Mac products. I currently own, 'Ruby Woo' the cult matte red, 'Girl about town' a seriously punchy pink and my favourite lipstick, 'Angel' my first ever Mac purchase instigated by Kim Kardashian of all people, 'New York Apple' the perfect pinky red shade and 'Fresh Moroccan' my newest purchase, a deep brown/red shade with gold shimmer. 

The Eyes: I received one of the 'Tartan Tale' gift sets for my 17th birthday and I loved the 'Zoom Lash' mascara, 'Blitz and Glitz' gel liner and peacock shade loose pigment that came inside a tartan pouch. 'Blitz and Glitz' is a gorgeous silky eye liner with gold flecks running through the formula. I don't tend to wear the loose pigment very often but it is the perfect partner for any green smokey eye look. Funnily enough one of my first ever Youtube video's featured a tutorial on how to use this pigment. One of my favourite eye shadows to compliment my blue/green/grey eye colour is 'Green Smoke' a sheer, sparkly green shade that looks great patted over the top of other colours and also on its own as a sheer shadow. I also love paint pots, in particular the perfect partner in crime for blue eyes, 'Rubenesque' which is a very sheer cream shadow that looks amazing on its own for a dewy look and great layered with other amber and gold shadows.


THE WEEK #1 2015

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Split between two years, this week I headed back to Liverpool to work solidly on my dissertation and after spending the majority of my Christmas week back my parents' house working on it, I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the whole process regardless of the fact that I am over the 8,000 word limit. 

On New Years Eve my chap and I had a quiet one choosing to stay in and cook a nice meal whilst settling in with a film. Of course as midnight reared we tuned in to see the fireworks light up the sky above Westminster. I had to smile to myself as it reminded me of a few years a go when I had a naff experience on Waterloo Bridge waiting for those fireworks. An ex boyfriend and I spent 5 hours stood in the freezing cold December air, drinking cheap wine from a box and arguing, to top it off I was battling the port-a-loos and a niggling water infection and he was drunk out of his mind, it was shitty at the time but it always amuses me when I look back on it.

On News Years day we headed to my boyfriends Grandma's for a family meal, with a pit stop first to plant the Christmas tree which had lived in his flat for over a month. We both liked the idea of giving it a chance to grow instead of being thrown out in the rubbish. The Christmas tree lives somewhere in the Peak District now and I hope he's super happy.

This weekend I have worked on my dissertation..I know, i've turned into one of those people but I have to say having a few breaks to re-watch super old episodes of Footballers Wives made it all the more bearable. I also watched the French art film Jeune and Jolie aka Young and Beautiful. It's the tale of young girl (played by the stunning Marine Vacth) who explores her sexuality through prostitution, it's racy and it's dark but very well deserving of its Cannes film festival critical acclaim.

Next week I start another work placement in Manchester, this time working solely in PR. I am a little bit nervous but I am hoping that it will be a positive experience. I always find January really dull and uninspiring so it's something to look forward to. 



Saturday night means date night and I often find myself pulling out my trusty old faithfuls when it comes to applying a fresh face of make-up however, this year I want to be more experimental with all of the other products sat neglected in my make-up drawers.

With some time to play around with products, I decided to try and use my alternatives and get creative to make up a simple, polished look. On my face I used Clarins 'Beauty flash balm' followed by my favourite Mac foundation of all time, 'Studio fix fluid' a medium to full coverage foundation that covers up a multitude of sins. Sticking with an old favourite for concealer and using the Glo Minerals concealer pot to blot out any blemishes and redness on my face before adding some definition to my face using the Elizabeth Arden 'Mineral bronzing powder.' 

For my eyelids, I firstly primed them with one of the most beautiful paint pots by Mac which is called 'Rubenesque' a smooth amber toned, pearl finish cream that compliments any of the shades in the MUA 'Going for gold' palette. To line and define my eyes, I used 'Blitz and Glitz' a gel liner from Mac that has flecks of gold running through the formula. And finally I used a two or three coats of the non clumping, volumising 'Flirty eyes' mascara by w7 cosmetics. 



I have wanted to try the new(ish) Garnier 'Ultimate Blends' shampoo and conditioner range ever since the models auburn hair on the TV advert wowed me. Of course, using these products isn't going to give me burnt orange locks (been there done that) but I was interested to see if the 'up to 48 hours shine' claims were true when using The marvellous transformer shampoo and The nourishing repairer conditioner. 

At heart I am a bit of a branding geek and I have to say I love the curvy, almost clumsy packaging and 1960s style font. I am also a fan of clear packaging, so thumbs up Garnier for that. I bought each product for £1.98 at ASDA for 400ml of product which will last me up to 8 weeks now that I am only washing my hair once or twice a week.

 T H E   P R O D U C T S

The shampoo that I bought from the range is the paraben free marvellous transformer which aims to transform dry, dull hair using argan and camellia oils which have shine restoring properties. The product itself is scented lightly of soap and lathers nicely into the scalp.

The Nourishing Repairer conditioner is the real star of the two in my opinion, not only does it smell delicious, a mixture of avocado oil and shea butter but the consistency is resembles a thick, moisturising body butter but for people with fine hair may be too much. I left the conditioner on for 30 minutes before rinsing enabling the product to get to work on immersing my damaged hair.  Upon blow drying my hair it felt soft and nourished, looked incredibly shiny and frizz free.

Overall, I really like both of these products from the 'Ultimate Blends' range and I am interested to try the other options for various hair 'issues', in particular The colour illuminator.

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