My friends often ask me if there are any products that I have been using that I can recommend for them to try. I always have a list as long as my arm on my iphone of beauty bits and pieces that I think they will like. It never occurred to me that some of those might be of interest to you too. I always introduce you to new products that I have discovered but rarely take the time to revisit old ones in depth, here are three for you to try.

I was first introduced to Origins skincare around two years ago and since then I have created a small collection of their hero products. The Clear improvements
charcoal mask is awesome at clearing up those under the skin blemishes that seem to stick around for weeks. I like to use this mask once a week after cleansing and I have to say the play doughy scent is pretty cool too.

I'll be honest, The MUA Cover and Conceal 'concealer' is rubbish as being a concealer and providing coverage of blemishes and skin imperfections however, it is awesome at being a highlighter. The formula is light and easily blend-able and at £1 per tube it's affordable to buy all three shades to mix your perfect highlighting shade for under the brow bone and on the tops of your cheeks.

My hair has been saved by a miracle product, the TIGI Hair reborn, reparative nocturnal therapy
cream is awesome. You apply the thick, creamy formula to dry hair and leave it in over night before shampooing and conditioning your hair as normal. The results are insane, my hair never washes as well as when I use this and the amount of moisture punch it provides.

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