Back in 2008 I was going through a funny phase of wanting to be 21, married to Zac Efron and rocking a svelt Vanessa Hudgens style torso (I spent 9 weeks on the cross trainer every night with a picture of her stuck to the wall) Instead I was 14, a typical spotty teenager, un-coordinated and moody. 

I visited America in the summer of that year and was introduced to a whole new world of shopping. My family had treated me to some spending money for my visit to the big apple and I had saved every penny of my Saturday job to buy a new handbag for the occasion. 

I found myself in Victoria’s Secret having been attracted to the gorgeous p-jarma sets in the window and once I was in I was in pink paradise. I bought a bath and body set called ‘Amber Romance’ that smelt truly delicious, i’ve never forgotten the scent and when I was treated to some more Victoria’s Secret goodies at Christmas and it reignited my interest in the brand. Luckily there are more stores located throughout the UK now with one in Leeds and Manchester..Just not Liverpool, naturally.

The ‘Amber Romance, untamed’ body butter and moisturiser are a spin on the classic product which adds midnight jasmine and vanilla to the original amber and creme anglaise fragrance. The moisturisers are heavily scented and leave your skin smelling delicious for a long time after application.

I also have the ‘Such a flirt’ body cream and spray which is scented with star fruit and orchid. The spray isn’t too heavy and is perfect for refreshing yourself throughout the day but I like to spray it after I get out of the shower, apply the partnering body cream and give myself a spritz before putting on my p-jarmas. 

Finally, my favourite VS product of the moment the ‘Pure Seduction’ shimmer spray which is scented of red plum and freesia and leaves your skin smelling super sexy. I love the sparkle that is deposited throughout the aloe vera and chamomile laced formula, I like to wear it on my arms and legs when I have on an LBD to bring my look to life.

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