I've dabbled with statement hats since I was 14 and rocking a trilby to a number of gigs was the style statement of 2006. I guess I was going for the I'm with the band look and whilst the head gear may not have been my best fashion moment, the hat is back and quite literally bigger than ever.

Last summer I gave the floppy hat a try after a stream of Instagram uploads inspired me, this however wasn't my best purchase as it would always blow off, didn't suit my face shape and looked strange with my ever shortening barnet. 

This year I was inspired by outfits on Pinterest that were accessorised with a fedora and after much deliberation I decided to try out another hat by purchasing a tan fedora from Primark. What's more is that it was reduced from £7 to just £2. Bargain. I like the idea of a lighter colour head piece as it warms my complexion up a little and adds colour to my usual all black ensemble.

I think that the fedora suits my shorter hair nicer, in particular with a loose, bouncy side plait and with it being slightly tapered suits my heart shaped face much better. 

Hats off to the fedora.

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