THE WEEK #1 2015

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Split between two years, this week I headed back to Liverpool to work solidly on my dissertation and after spending the majority of my Christmas week back my parents' house working on it, I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the whole process regardless of the fact that I am over the 8,000 word limit. 

On New Years Eve my chap and I had a quiet one choosing to stay in and cook a nice meal whilst settling in with a film. Of course as midnight reared we tuned in to see the fireworks light up the sky above Westminster. I had to smile to myself as it reminded me of a few years a go when I had a naff experience on Waterloo Bridge waiting for those fireworks. An ex boyfriend and I spent 5 hours stood in the freezing cold December air, drinking cheap wine from a box and arguing, to top it off I was battling the port-a-loos and a niggling water infection and he was drunk out of his mind, it was shitty at the time but it always amuses me when I look back on it.

On News Years day we headed to my boyfriends Grandma's for a family meal, with a pit stop first to plant the Christmas tree which had lived in his flat for over a month. We both liked the idea of giving it a chance to grow instead of being thrown out in the rubbish. The Christmas tree lives somewhere in the Peak District now and I hope he's super happy.

This weekend I have worked on my dissertation..I know, i've turned into one of those people but I have to say having a few breaks to re-watch super old episodes of Footballers Wives made it all the more bearable. I also watched the French art film Jeune and Jolie aka Young and Beautiful. It's the tale of young girl (played by the stunning Marine Vacth) who explores her sexuality through prostitution, it's racy and it's dark but very well deserving of its Cannes film festival critical acclaim.

Next week I start another work placement in Manchester, this time working solely in PR. I am a little bit nervous but I am hoping that it will be a positive experience. I always find January really dull and uninspiring so it's something to look forward to. 

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