THE WEEK #2 2015

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Monday was spent in the library having a slight panic that my dissertation is creeping up over 10,000 words and has another two sections to be written up. I remember worrying back in September that I would never fill 8,000 words and now i'm peaking over 10 which I should take as a good thing that things are progressing although it could just all be rubbish.

On Tuesday I started the expensive process of interning.. again - this time I am working in Manchester at a PR agency based in Spinningfields.. Of course on my first day I got lost and ended up wandering into the old set of Coronation Street at the old Granada studios. I can't say that I am learning too much in the way of PR practice but I have discovered BBC Radio 6 music and I keep my ears open for information and potentially useful contacts that may come in handy in the future - although this week a first happened,  I was asked to walk one of the directors dog. 

I've found getting up at 5:30 to be in Manchester for work and then returning back to my flat around 8pm a struggle, I guess it's not at easy to motivate yourself when you're living on pasta and sauce everyday to be able to pay for the train ticket and not getting any challenges and a pay packet at the end of it, but that's interning I guess, it's what you make of it and next week I intend to use my voice a bit more. 

On Friday the chap and I celebrated our unofficial 1 year anniversary, as a treat for spending my week on delayed trains soaking wet and starving we went to Nando's before yesterday was spent hunched over the old Macbook trying to make some sense out of my dissertation results section. We made a delicious meal in the evening which was gobbled up whilst watching the new series of The Voice

Next week I am back on placement until Thursday before making every effort to apply for more grad schemes and tick off another section of my dissertation. 

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