THE WEEK #3 2015

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This week I packed up my desk at the PR agency and finished my time interning in Manchester, I have to say that it has been one of the strangest experiences that I have had in a work place and I learned more about PR practice... on my last day. The two account managers that I sat with were really helpful and let me get stuck into some blogs and social media related tasks and if it wasn't for them, I don't think the experience was worth doing at all.

On Tuesday evening I met up with my friend Maxine Cassidy who once upon a time made Youtube videos, some of you may remember her. We had dinner in Spinningfields and did not stop laughing, I love Maxine because she is brutally honest and open, my kinda gal.

I have been pouring over Pinterest this week and frantically pinning images of Cara Delevigne and Eddie Redmayne in their 2012 Burberry campaign, I think that Eddie Redmayne is gorgeous and I must see The theory of everything next week.

I have also been loving Celebrity Big Brother this year and I am so glad that Katie Price has gone in, I just hope she sticks it out unlike her return stint to the jungle a few years ago. As a young teenager I bought all of her autobiography's and novels and whilst they weren't written by her I enjoyed them all the same. I was also obsessed with her Katie and Peter reality TV shows so I hope that she comes into her own again in the house, It will be interesting to see how she fares with motormouth Katie Hopkins.

Beauty wise I have been dabbling with matte, nude lips, a trend that was insanely popular when I was at high school circa 2009-10 and whilst this time around I don't wear them quite as chalky (GOSH 'Darling' anybody?) I like how subtle they look and very Bridget Bardot with a smokey eye.

This weekend I headed to the opticians for my eyes re testing and having worn glasses since I was 6 years old, I knew that I was overdue a check up. My new, ridiculously over priced but snazzy glasses are on their way, i've gone for a wild purple pair. I also celebrated one of my most creative friends birthday's, after a pretty weird week it was nice to let my hair down and have a boogie.

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