THE WEEK #4 2015

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Between falling asleep, coughing and sneezing 30 times a day, I tried to make the best of a poorly week. Yes, the disgusting cold virus caught me again and I have felt so rough with it. It started with a scratchy feeling in my throat which led to five days of not being able to keep my head up and surviving on fruit, Lucozade and Lemsip tablets.

On Monday when my health was reasonably okay my friend Liam and I caught up over a bottle of rose however by Wednesday I felt horrendous but still managed to drag myself to the cinema to finally watch 'The theory of everything' which was absolutely outstanding. I really recommend giving it a watch it's heartwarming and emotional and Eddie Redmayne's portrayal of Stephen Hawking is fantastic, at times I truly believed it was him.

This weekend I bleached my hair bright blonde, yes I did that. What a nutter, and I hated it so badly that I marched straight to the shops to buy a brunette shade to cover it up. Of course brown over canary yellow makes a ginger baby so I am now rockin' a strawberry blonde do and I actually love it.

On Youtube this week I absolutely loved beauty matron Sali Hughes' 'In the bathroom with Marian Keyes' despite her on going battle with depression, best selling fiction writer Keyes comes across as such a babe, indulging us all in her love for nail polish and her penchant for pretty shoes. I really recommend you watch the 3 part series on Sali's channel.

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