February was the month of new discoveries and after January's monthly favourites incorporated some old favourites, this month I dabbled with less familiar products. 

The foundation When I first discovered the extensive range of w7 cosmetics that TJ Hughes carries, I knew that at under £5 a product, trying a varied amount of products would be possible. I opted to try the 'Captain Matte' foundation that I talked in more depth about here. The creamy formula blends nicely into the skin and looks subtly matte without looking too chalky. Like any drugstore product, touch ups are required throughout the day but for the most part my shiny t-zone stays oil free when i've used this foundation.

The cleanser Admittedly, this is an old favourite of mine which has barely had any air time here on GGMH but it is a saviour product that I come back to when my skin is playing up. The rose scented balm is warmed in the palm of your hand and then blended into the face with warm water quite literally, melting the make-up from your face.

The lipstick For the days when I don't want to use the final ounces of my 'Girl about town' lippy, I turn to 'As you want Victoria' by Rimmel to give me my punchy pink fix. The super moisturising formula keeps the lips hydrated whilst displaying highly pigmented colour. 

The eye lashes I don't want to say too much about the Jica eyelash extensions as there will be a post popping up on Tuesday all about this magical product. Think super fluttery, voluminous (looks-like-you've-had-extensions) lashes incorporated easily into your everyday mascara routine. 

The eyeshadow 'Toasted' by Urban Decay has long since been one of my favourite eye colours to wear, the perfect mix of lilac toned bronze that can be worn for a day or night look. The buttery soft shadow isn't too powdery and works best when pressed into the eyelid.



I've long since been a jewellery fiend - something that I inherited from my Nan as we would spend hours of my childhood sat on the end of her bed opening up tiny velvet boxes and trying on her super sparkly pieces.

Since she very sadly passed away, i've inherited most of the cherished necklaces and rings that we spent hours discussing and alongside my own pieces I have a lovely collection of jewellery.

The magpie inside me must have been recognised as I was recently contacted by jewellery marketplace 'Jewel Street' to see if I would like to experience their vast collection of jewellery boutiques. Of course, I was delighted to have been invited to experience a jewellery shopping experience and I headed over to their virtual marketplace to see what delights they held.

The Jewel Street site is really simple to navigate with different categories such as women and men and inspiration for upcoming occasions like mother's day. I spent around an hour browsing through the beautiful collections that are so varied in design and price. 

I eventually chose a piece from Gravatt jewellery  as I was really attracted to their striking pendants incorporating an array of different coloured gems. I chose the "Handmade pink topaz briolette and 18ct goldfill pendant with white sapphire goldfill charm." * As a gal with little love for pink, I was surprisingly sold by the punchy pink stone and of course the lucky clover charm. I have been wearing this necklace for around a week now and I have received so many compliments. 

The team at Jewel Street and the lovely Cindy from Gravatt couldn't have been more helpful. 
If you're looking for a unique piece and fancy spending a few hours engrossed in jewellery shopping then I recommend popping over to Jewel Street for a look.



I have found myself drawn to the w7 cosmetics brand ever since I discovered this palette. The super affordable make-up brand provides near on perfect dupes for a lot of highend and drugstore brands.

Whilst scouting TJ Hughes for any new products that tickled my pickle, I stumbled across the foundation range which included the HD foundation and the Captain Matte foundation. After spending a lot of time swatching and testing the colour variants I decided to try matte foundation as i've always been one for the 'dewy' make-up trend.

The foundation retails at under a five and comes in 5 shades. Now this may be my only negative critisim of the range as the shades do not represent the actual colour of the product. I have bought the shade 'Rich Tan' and this shade matches my naturally very pale skin perfectly.

I have been wearing this foundation for the last three weeks and I am super impressed with how nicely the formula blends into my skin using a Real Technique, Expert face brush.

The coverage is medium build-able and is not unrealistically matte and chalky on the skin. The formula is very comfortable to wear and the lasting power/oil control is pretty good too.
Overall, I am really impressed with this foundation as it rivals my favourite foundation 'Lasting Perfection' by Collection and I would certainly re purchase.


THE WEEK #8 2015

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This week. Has been. The second worst week of my life. The first back in 2013 when I returned from a holiday in Olu Deniz to find out my Nana had died and my Grandad had suffered a disabling stroke. 

The second worst week of my life was this week, lets just say that it involved cockroaches, accidently smashing the screen of an ipad to smithereens and another highly serious issue.

The eighth week of 2015 started super positively with some groundwork being dug out for the future and then.. I found a dead cockroach in my kitchen sink - of course this led to a lot of googling and finding out some pretty horrific facts and figures. I of course got in touch with my landlord straight away and the pest control guy came the very next morning - i've had to move out of my flat for a little while as there are traps everywhere and the whole place reeks of chemicals. It was after three sleepless nights and barely eating due to one worry or another that I tripped on the charging wire of a an ipad and smashed the screen to pieces. After spending near on 24 hours crying, this weekend my boyfriend decided to pull me out of Liverpool and take me back to his home town in the countryside to have a break as my nerves were being destroyed by the minute.

The only positive of the week was realising how lovely people can be when you need a little support and reassurance, even people you would never expect to have your back. My friend Hannah tried to drag me out of the pit i've been in by taking me to see 50 shades of Grey... having read the books I feel that the character of Anastasia is portrayed better in the film with more wit and charisma. I also think that Christian is played differently in the film, much warmer and more human than his original novel character.

In other TV talk (I know how much you loved my CBB review) I absolutely nailed it when it came to finding out who killed Lucy Beale in Eastenders. I had my suspicions that Bobby Beale may have hit his sister over the head with the music box. Even though I found #whosadamgate fantastic the #EElive episode was brilliant, Laurie Brett and Adam (lol) Woodyatt who play Jane and Ian respectively were absolutely outstanding, both very talented actors. 

It's back to reality tomorrow with a lot of picking up the pieces of this terrible week and tying up some loose ends, i'm hoping that by this time next week I have things much more in control.



[These pictures were taken a few hours before I coloured my hair as seen in yesterday's post]

As you all know, I have had many hair cuts and even more hair colours however, something I have never really had is a signature hair style. Often my hair would be down or up in a messy bun.

As I am trying to grow my hair out whilst not getting too upset at how short it is, I have been wearing my hair in a quiffed, messy bun with plenty of volume and thickness all over. This is partly to trick people (read: myself) into thinking that I have more hair.

My everyday style takes less than 5 minutes and doesn't even require a hair brush only a bobble and some bobby pins to secure everything into place. I sometimes spritz some hair spray over the front to steady my hair, especially if it's windy outside.



I am pleased to say that i've found a hair colour that I blimmin love - Yes I think auburn hair was my calling and after many hours pinning pretty pictures of fiery red heads, I decided to become one...again. This time around the deep, cherry red has been replaced with a woody, burnt orange shade that blends my multi-tonal locks very well, dare I say it.

After scouring Superdrug for a blonde hair dye (very fickle) I came across the 'Bohemian Auburns' collection from L'oreal Paris - Preference range. The range includes some beautiful auburn shades including Brooklyn which a deeper auburn however, 'Sardinia' stole my heart and at the most expensive dyes in the shop (£7.49) I decided that I would still go ahead and see what happened. 

I really like the Preference range as the kits feel / look professional, everything from the applicator bottle to the gloves. This dye is applied to damp, clean hair and left for 30 minutes before rinsing. What is also really good about the Preference range is the super nourishing conditioner that is included in the box, they aren't stingey on size either. 

I am so happy with the results I absolutely love how warming this shade is against paler skin and light eyes. I don't think that I have been as happy with my hair in years. If you dare to go red, most certainly try this shade for a nice mid toned auburn.



There are many times when I start rifling through my make-up drawers looking for some colour to play with and whilst I usually opt for some kind of green smokey eye - I have recently been temped to colour clash with a punchy purple and a yellow toned gold.

My favourite gold shadows come from the aptly named Going for gold palette by MUA and whilst this is a pro palette it still cost a mere £5 for 10 shades of bronze, silver and gold. 

To create the look, I used a mixture of the brightest gold shades all over my lids before blending through my socketline with Stonewash from the Front Cover Very cool, very hot palette. Stonewash is a beautiful lilac purple which sits with royality next to the gold shades.

I complete the colour explosion with Blitz and Glitz eyeliner from MAC and lashings of the Kate Moss Eye rock mascara.

Admittedly, this isn't the most work appropriate/ everyday look but it is something that I have been channelling at the weekend. I like colour on my eyes especially so when my outfit is plain and judging by the amount of black garments hanging in my wardrobe - I should wear colourful eyes everyday.



Last Wednesday saw me fizzing with excitement ahead of a very special collaboration event with Pinterest UK and George Northwood, hairdresser to the likes of Alexa Chung and Rosie Huntington Whitley.

The #frontrowready event hosted at George's Wells Street salon, was bustling with stylists, make-up artists and of course the PinterestUK team who were particularly lovely and welcoming - offering snazzy gin based cocktails from the Travelling Gin Company and American style pizza from Pizza Pilgrim.

The first station that I headed to was make-up where I experimented with a lot of silver glitter under the eyes and a bronze based eye lid. With sparkle fever upon me, I moved along to station two whereby my hair underwent some serious sleeking and a glitter infused parting.  

I have to say, that the sleek combover wouldn't be a look that I would wear every day however, the glitter parting was awesome and if I could get away with a different coloured parting every day, I so would!

I was lucky enough to catch George as he mingled around the guests and he was truly so down to earth and happy to host everybody at his salon. I even managed a sneaky snuggle with his puppy Rex who is a blue frenchie. I was also happy to see Hannah from 'Away with the fairies' and we chatted about all things bloggy and beauty and was introduced to fellow Leeds lass Vicki from 'Honest Mum.' 

I really enjoyed the laid back event and afterall, who doesn't love playing with glitter? 


THE WEEK #7 2015

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It is true when they say that "everything comes at once" as that is exactly what happened this week.

Tuesday saw me popping on the features editor cap as myself and a large team of student journos worked to design a 16 page newspaper in only a few short hours. I designed a Valentine's day themed fashion spread which I really enjoyed producing.

On Wednesday the fun and games really began as I packed my bag to head down to my favourite city. I was attending the #LFW #frontrowready event in association with George Northwood and PinterestUK. There will be a full low down popping up on GGMH tomorrow if you're interested in reading all about it.

After crashing on a friends floor and surviving on 2 hours sleep, Thursday morning was an early start as I headed to Euston to join other members of the press for a surprise collaboration between Nivea Men and LiverpoolFC. Of course, if you are a regular visitor you will have seen this post talking all about what the day entailed.

By Friday I was exhausted and after a jolt back to reality, waking up to a few surprise Valentine's day treats was amazing. I hate to sound like one of those girls, but I am so lucky to have this chap in my life as he such a thoughtful guy.

I spent the first part of yesterday catching up with my other two loves, Lauren and Laura over breakfast at Bills, I opted for the veggie breakfast which was quite literally one of the best breakfasts that I have ever eaten, I highly recommend it.

Valentine's night was spent with my boyfriend on the curry mile just outside of Manchester. The food was soooo yummy and luckily the little black jumpsuit that I wore had enough room in the waistline to accommodate so much food!

Next week has the potential to be a little less manic however, I have to say that I have loved every minute of this week.

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Growing up at Christmas time, my Grandma always very kindly bought me haircare products from the 'Beautiful brunette' range by Trevor Sorbie and I was a big fan then. When I spotted the warm, rich intensive masque in TJ Hughes at a heavily discounted price I was interested in giving it a try.

I usually leave a hair masque on my mop once a week for anywhere up to three hours as my hair is extremely over-processed and benefits from a rich treatment. My hair is bordering on auburn at the moment with blonde highlights however, the natural crux of my hair is brunette and whilst there was a blonde variant available, the warm tones of the brunette masque sold me.

The formula reminds me of a body butter, a thick, rich cream that lathers nicely into the hair and is very delicately scented. My hair after using the masque is insane, super shiny, nourished and soft without being too limp or lifeless.



On Wednesday afternoon I found myself travelling down to the big smoke for my first blogger event of 2015. As I selected some Spice Girls to accompany my journey, an email popped up in my inbox about a top secret event. The only details that I was given consisted of two brands Nivea Men and Liverpool FC, everything else was to be a well kept secret until the following day.

It turned out that I was invited to the event which would be leaving London Euston early Thursday morning and travelling up the country to Liverpool. This was perfect for my intrigued mind as I was going up that way anyway.

I arrived at the Virgin first class lounge to be greeted by other members of the press and a few PR types and having never travelling first class before, I felt somewhat of an imposter surrounded by some pretty interesting people. It was here that I met the lovely Emily, editor of beauty trade publication, Pure Beauty magazine, we buddied up and tried to work out what the day would entail.

With Vogue magazine, a freshly brewed coffee and a bacon roll, the journey up to Liverpool took no time at all as the team travelled aboard the snazzy 'Nivea Men' carriage. 

Once we arrived in Liverpool, I was super surprised to see that the double decker, Liverpool FC tour bus was waiting outside Lime Street station to whisk us away to Anfield stadium for the secret to be unveiled. After a quick tour of the city onboard the plush bus that comes complete with mini kitchen and Sky TV, we arrived at the stadium and took our seats at the media conference.

At 2pm the secret was out as Nivea Men announced their new position as official grooming partner of Liverpool FC. The new Nivea Men advert was also unveiled for the first time and features midfielder Jordan Henderson, Raheem Sterling and goal keeper Simon Mignolet. 

After the media conference, we were treated to a tour of the Anfield stadium and as somebody with minimal interest in football, I found the whole thing fascinating, especially as we walked out into the Kop as 'You'll never walk alone' echoed throughout the stadium. I was super surprised to see how much smaller a premier league football pitch is as I imagined it would be a lot bigger. 

I had a really good day combining two things that I never thought that I would, beauty and football - turns out i've developed a little soft spot for the the reds - who knew ey!



I'm like a magpie when presented with anything sparkly and shiny. I had my eyes on the sequin 'Joni' jeans from Topshop for quite some time however, with the price tag pushing £40 I couldn't see them as a sensible investment in my wardrobe and although I wear them day and night they are an opulent choice.

When I spotted the high waisted, stretchy jeans in the Topshop sale I swiped out my student discount card and practically ran to the cashier with them. Despite being super glitzy they are the most comfortable jeans that I own at the moment. The black sequin detail is on the front side only, with the back just a plain black jean.

I like to wear my sequin Joni's with a slouchy, oversized black jumper or with a striped crop top. I wear them in the daytime with leopard print ballet pumps as they are ankle grazers and look super flattering with a ballerina shoe, and at night I dress them up with sky high heels and a bright red lip.

These jeans are nice addition to my leather look leggings and my ripped knee 'Jamie' jeans.



I spent a lot of the past few weeks waking up at 6:00am and dragging myself to the mirror in the dark, the last thing I want to be doing at that time is delicately applying a full face of make-up. I have a few hero products that help me to look a little more fresh faced and dewy on the 8am train from Liverpool to Manchester.

The Maybelline Fit me foundation is one of the nicest gel foundations that I have used. The formula blends into the skin leaving a dewy finish behind which allows for mistakes with eyeshadows smudges and over doing it on the blush to be easily rectified. 

A dot of the Benefit highlighter High beam is all that it takes for my skin to wake and look luminious. On my eyes I light application of Rubenesque paint pot from Mac gives your eyes a peachy, wide awake eye make-up which needs only lashings and lashings of mascara to life the eyelid.


THE WEEK #6 2015

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This week I headed back to university after a short break throughout January, I have to say that I was pretty nervous walking back in to the newsroom and putting my journo cap back on. I did however manage to get a few pieces published online which you can read here and here if you like.

If you have been reading The Week since the start of the year, you will know how much I have been loving Celebrity Big Brother. I've been a fan of the show for years but I rarely tune into the celebrity version. This year I couldn't resist with the line up beng just so good. I am really pleased that Katie Price was crowned the winner as I have followed her work for years however, I would have liked to have seen Michelle Visage or Keith Chegwin taking the pole position as I think both of them really brought something to the house and were deserving finalists. Hats off to Calum Best for being a true gent throughout the series and an honourable mention to Nadia Swalha who I think should have made the final 5. 

A mid week slump was quickly perked up by seeing some of my work in print for the Liverpool Students Union 'Supdate' magazine. A short and sweet piece about the capsule wardrobe which you can read here if you're interested. 

This weekend I met up with my fellow bloggy friend Laura for a well over due catch up over pastries and indulged in plenty of Domino's pizza whilst watching The Voice. My fan girling for Emma Willis hasn't succumbed and I have found myself rocking a smokey eye all weekend in homage to her.

Next week I am heading down to London town for a fashion week event and looking forward to the chap and I's second Valentine's day together... so slushy!



With four Monday's in February I have been trying to switch my nail polish up every week as I tend to be one of those 'let it chip' girls.

 I have tried to choose some of my more obscure polishes than I don't tend to reach for very often. I started with Old bond street from Nails Inc is a gorgeous royal blue that looks fantastic on toes, especially with a tan. 

Next week I am going sport the L'oreal colour riche polish in the shade Flashing Lilac and although typically it is probably more of a summer shade, there's nothing like a punchy pink toned purple to brighten up a dull February day. 

My London Girl polishes are probably my go to polishes for when I need something quickly applied on my nails without much care and attention. My favourite cherry red shade is opaque in one coat and chip resistant for three -four days without a topcoat.

Finally, the strangest shade in my nail polish collection is Elegant by Seche. An orange/copper/brown in a foil finish this shade works best with a thin layer of glitter on top to add extra dimension to the shade. Perfect for if you're going for a noticeable nude nail. 



When it comes to a near perfect make-up application it's all about the tools in your kit and for ages [read: 13-15]  I was that gal with an old, stuck together, filthy brush that I used for everything. This days my brush collection spans towards 40+ brushes which is ridiculous as the brushes that you see above are my go to tools.

The foundation brush: For a long time I used a traditional flat foundation brush from Revlon before splurging on a Real Techniques Expert face brush which literally changed my foundation application. The rounded buffing brush distributes the right amount of product into the skin for an airbrush finish.

The pencil brush: I like to use the Eco Tools pencil brush under my eyes when working a smokey, brown shade into the lower lash line, it is brilliant for precision and works especially well in the crease to create an initial socket line marker before blending, also fantastic for eye liner and smudging a dark colour along the lash line if you don't want to precision of gel or liquid liner.

The stippler: My Mac 130 stippling brush was the first 'professional' brush that I bought and I used it for concealer before now using it for blush as I feel it sits nicely on the apple of the cheek. 

The blending brush: I have four or five blending brushes in rotation, half for lighter eyeshadow colours and half for darker shades. I love how blending your shadows can transform your make-up from a harsh ill applied look to a soft, subtle gradient of colours.

The angled brush: I would really struggle without my angled brush to perfect an angled, precise brow. The one I have was part of my professional brush kit but most ranges have them, I use an artificial bristled brush to keep the brush hairs rigid and sharp.



Back in the day when I was a Saturday girl at the local greasy spoon, I had a few quid a week to spend entirely on myself - the days of no rent, bills and food shops were blissful.

Something that I would often do is head to a nail salon for some killer talons however, since I became an independent woman, I have to choose a full fridge over false nails.

I haven't had acrylic nails on since I was about 18 so it was a lovely surprise to be asked along to the Poize beauty salon in Liverpool to be treated to a full set of acrylics and to have a tour of their salon.

Poize opened in September last year and is located just outside of Liverpool city centre in Tuebrook. I live in the top end of the city and I walked to my appointment which took around 35-40 minutes in total and a taxi would be no more than £5.

When I arrived at the salon I was greeted by the lovely beautician Steph who showed me around. The Poize salon interior decor reminds me of my childhood bedroom as it adorned with sparkly chandeliers, ornate mirrors and crystal trinkets. The pink and black colour scheme is super striking and the whole place is warm and welcoming. Steph offered me a drink upon arrival and customers can choose anything from the menu including wine, soft drinks and tea or coffee.

Inside there are four different treatment areas including the nail stations, the hair salon, a make-up area and upstairs a private treatment room which I think is used for tanning, massages and other beauty treatments such as waxing and lash extensions.

When I sat down I showed Steph my stubby, disgusting bitten nails and she reassured me that there was something that could be done. I was at the nail station for around two hours whilst Steph buffed, filed and applied my new nails. Her care and attention to detail was really good and I must note that she used an emery board to file my nails instead of a metal drill which I have heard can be super unhealthy and dangerous.

Steph used Gellish polish on me and I opted for a striking orange and gold glitter design with cute Hello Kitty jewels on either ring finger. Whilst I am a student and working in a fairly liberal workplace, I was able to go all out with an opulent design however, I had seen that Steph had created some really elegant, plainer nails for my friend Frances Cassandra. 

The salon offers a wide range of beauty products including massages, spray tans and hair styling. I am tempted to head back in a few weeks for eyebrow extensions to try and help make my thin brows fuller. 

You can find the lovely Poize team on Twitter and they are always on hand to chat if you need any more information about the salon or any of their beauty treatments. If you're in the Liverpool area I recommend that you give them a try and thank-you again to the team for inviting me to try a treatment.



Sometimes I like to haul around a huge bag filled to the brim with bits and pieces that I will never use and other times I like to carry a smaller bag with an edited collection of essentials. Today I am talking about the extras that sit in my handbag aside from the usual must-haves such as phone, purse, keys and umbrella. 

If you are wandering what it is that I carry in my main handbag, you can head over to [this post] for a sneaky preview. At the moment I am using my quilted shoulder strap number from Pull 'n' Bear and I like to carry my diary, a serious essential for date/time obsessives like myself. My 2015 diary is a moleskin from TK Maxx and it's surprisingly spacious. I also carry around a mini moleskin notepad for jotting down ideas, contacts and lists whilst i'm on the go. At the moment i'm loving a pink biro, not only do I think that it makes my diary/notepad look pretty adorned in pink ink but it also helps my eyes to process my writing better.

In terms of beauty essentials I make sure that I have a pot of my Glo minerals concealer to hand especially in winter when my bright red nose needs constantly wiping. I also keep my current lipstick of choice Fresh Moroccan by Mac in a mirrored holder that was kindly given to me by my cousin.

Finally, my ipod (with earphones of course) if i'm ever walking or travelling somewhere I love listening to music, at the moment a live version of She sells sanctuary by The Cult is my most played song. If you want to check out 'the soundtrack of my life' TAG you can whizz over to my favourite songs of all time by clicking [here.]


THE WEEK #5 2015

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* * * * * * * * * * *

The start of this week centred around my dissertation and the trials and tribulations that go hand in hand with writing 8,000 words with very little guidance. I have my first draft completed and over the next four months will edit, revise and cut until I am happy with the final piece. I don't think I want to see another women's magazine for a while now.

The end of the week was a little more interesting having spent Friday night at Mrs Liverpool Galaxy's charity fashion show and catching up with Frances Cassandra at the 'All we are' album launch at Aloft Liverpool. The intimate gig was accompanied by delicious, pink cupcakes and crazy cocktails that looked like peacock feathers. 

This was all a lot of fun until some strange thing came over me in the middle of the night where my legs were heavy and weak, I had pins and needles all over my body and in agony with the aching sensation in my legs. As I type this, it still hasn't gone away and after the GP told me I "must have slept funny" I am at a loss as to how to tackle it. All I know is that it is extremely unpleasant.

Amidst the pins and needles I was invited to try a beauty treatment at Liverpool based salon Poize. (I will be writing a full post on my experience which will be live on Wednesday if you're interested) and I was treated to a beautiful set of acrylic nails, which I hope will motivate me to sort my own chewed, stubby nails out!

Today I am taking it easy and preparing to head back to uni next week, I've bee recently having more worries about the future and if I will ever get through the last hurdle of my BA hons Journalism course! ESPECIALLY now that I have a graduation date. Eeee.

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