19 February 2015


I am pleased to say that i've found a hair colour that I blimmin love - Yes I think auburn hair was my calling and after many hours pinning pretty pictures of fiery red heads, I decided to become one...again. This time around the deep, cherry red has been replaced with a woody, burnt orange shade that blends my multi-tonal locks very well, dare I say it.

After scouring Superdrug for a blonde hair dye (very fickle) I came across the 'Bohemian Auburns' collection from L'oreal Paris - Preference range. The range includes some beautiful auburn shades including Brooklyn which a deeper auburn however, 'Sardinia' stole my heart and at the most expensive dyes in the shop (£7.49) I decided that I would still go ahead and see what happened. 

I really like the Preference range as the kits feel / look professional, everything from the applicator bottle to the gloves. This dye is applied to damp, clean hair and left for 30 minutes before rinsing. What is also really good about the Preference range is the super nourishing conditioner that is included in the box, they aren't stingey on size either. 

I am so happy with the results I absolutely love how warming this shade is against paler skin and light eyes. I don't think that I have been as happy with my hair in years. If you dare to go red, most certainly try this shade for a nice mid toned auburn.


16 February 2015


Last Wednesday saw me fizzing with excitement ahead of a very special collaboration event with Pinterest UK and George Northwood, hairdresser to the likes of Alexa Chung and Rosie Huntington Whitley.

The #frontrowready event hosted at George's Wells Street salon, was bustling with stylists, make-up artists and of course the PinterestUK team who were particularly lovely and welcoming - offering snazzy gin based cocktails from the Travelling Gin Company and American style pizza from Pizza Pilgrim.

The first station that I headed to was make-up where I experimented with a lot of silver glitter under the eyes and a bronze based eye lid. With sparkle fever upon me, I moved along to station two whereby my hair underwent some serious sleeking and a glitter infused parting.  

I have to say, that the sleek combover wouldn't be a look that I would wear every day however, the glitter parting was awesome and if I could get away with a different coloured parting every day, I so would!

I was lucky enough to catch George as he mingled around the guests and he was truly so down to earth and happy to host everybody at his salon. I even managed a sneaky snuggle with his puppy Rex who is a blue frenchie. I was also happy to see Hannah from 'Away with the fairies' and we chatted about all things bloggy and beauty and was introduced to fellow Leeds lass Vicki from 'Honest Mum.' 

I really enjoyed the laid back event and afterall, who doesn't love playing with glitter? 


15 February 2015

THE WEEK #7 2015

My week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie | The travelling gin company cocktails | Lucky touch at Anfield | Train journey accompaniments | My latest feature | Meeting George Northwood | Reunited with the smoke | Bills breakfast | Somewhere in Islington | Valentine's treats

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It is true when they say that "everything comes at once" as that is exactly what happened this week.

Tuesday saw me popping on the features editor cap as myself and a large team of student journos worked to design a 16 page newspaper in only a few short hours. I designed a Valentine's day themed fashion spread which I really enjoyed producing.

On Wednesday the fun and games really began as I packed my bag to head down to my favourite city. I was attending the #LFW #frontrowready event in association with George Northwood and PinterestUK. There will be a full low down popping up on GGMH tomorrow if you're interested in reading all about it.

After crashing on a friends floor and surviving on 2 hours sleep, Thursday morning was an early start as I headed to Euston to join other members of the press for a surprise collaboration between Nivea Men and LiverpoolFC. Of course, if you are a regular visitor you will have seen this post talking all about what the day entailed.

By Friday I was exhausted and after a jolt back to reality, waking up to a few surprise Valentine's day treats was amazing. I hate to sound like one of those girls, but I am so lucky to have this chap in my life as he such a thoughtful guy.

I spent the first part of yesterday catching up with my other two loves, Lauren and Laura over breakfast at Bills, I opted for the veggie breakfast which was quite literally one of the best breakfasts that I have ever eaten, I highly recommend it.

Valentine's night was spent with my boyfriend on the curry mile just outside of Manchester. The food was soooo yummy and luckily the little black jumpsuit that I wore had enough room in the waistline to accommodate so much food!

Next week has the potential to be a little less manic however, I have to say that I have loved every minute of this week.

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13 February 2015


On Wednesday afternoon I found myself travelling down to the big smoke for my first blogger event of 2015. As I selected some Spice Girls to accompany my journey, an email popped up in my inbox about a top secret event. The only details that I was given consisted of two brands Nivea Men and Liverpool FC, everything else was to be a well-kept secret until the following day.

It turned out that I was invited to the event which would be leaving London Euston early Thursday morning and travelling up the country to Liverpool. This was perfect for my intrigued mind as I was going up that way anyway.

I arrived at the Virgin first class lounge to be greeted by other members of the press and a few PR types and having never travelling first class before, I felt somewhat of an imposter surrounded by some pretty interesting people. It was here that I met the lovely Emily, editor of the beauty trade publication, Pure Beauty magazine, we buddied up and tried to work out what the day would entail.

With Vogue magazine, a freshly brewed coffee and a bacon roll, the journey up to Liverpool took no time at all as the team travelled aboard the snazzy 'Nivea Men' carriage. 

Once we arrived in Liverpool, I was super surprised to see that the double-decker, Liverpool FC tour bus was waiting outside Lime Street station to whisk us away to Anfield stadium for the secret to be unveiled. After a quick tour of the city on board the plush bus that comes complete with mini kitchen and Sky TV, we arrived at the stadium and took our seats at the media conference.

At 2pm the secret was out as Nivea Men announced their new position as official grooming partner of Liverpool FC. The new Nivea Men advert was also unveiled for the first time and features midfielder Jordan Henderson, Raheem Sterling and goalkeeper Simon Mignolet. 

After the media conference, we were treated to a tour of the Anfield stadium and as somebody with a minimal interest in football, I found the whole thing fascinating, especially as we walked out into the Kop as 'You'll never walk alone' echoed throughout the stadium. I was super surprised to see how much smaller a premier league football pitch is as I imagined it would be a lot bigger. 

I had a really good day combining two things that I never thought that I would, beauty and football - turns out I've developed a little soft spot for the reds - who knew ey!


4 February 2015


Back in the day when I was a Saturday girl at the local greasy spoon, I had a few quid a week to spend entirely on myself - the days of no rent, bills and food shops were blissful.

Something that I would often do is head to a nail salon for some killer talons however, since I became an independent woman, I have to choose a full fridge over false nails.

I haven't had acrylic nails on since I was about 18 so it was a lovely surprise to be asked along to the Poize beauty salon in Liverpool to be treated to a full set of acrylics and to have a tour of their salon.

Poize opened in September last year and is located just outside of Liverpool city centre in Tuebrook. I live in the top end of the city and I walked to my appointment which took around 35-40 minutes in total and a taxi would be no more than £5.

When I arrived at the salon I was greeted by the lovely beautician Steph who showed me around. The Poize salon interior decor reminds me of my childhood bedroom as it adorned with sparkly chandeliers, ornate mirrors and crystal trinkets. The pink and black colour scheme is super striking and the whole place is warm and welcoming. Steph offered me a drink upon arrival and customers can choose anything from the menu including wine, soft drinks and tea or coffee.

Inside there are four different treatment areas including the nail stations, the hair salon, a make-up area and upstairs a private treatment room which I think is used for tanning, massages and other beauty treatments such as waxing and lash extensions.

When I sat down I showed Steph my stubby, disgusting bitten nails and she reassured me that there was something that could be done. I was at the nail station for around two hours whilst Steph buffed, filed and applied my new nails. Her care and attention to detail was really good and I must note that she used an emery board to file my nails instead of a metal drill which I have heard can be super unhealthy and dangerous.

Steph used Gellish polish on me and I opted for a striking orange and gold glitter design with cute Hello Kitty jewels on either ring finger. Whilst I am a student and working in a fairly liberal workplace, I was able to go all out with an opulent design however, I had seen that Steph had created some really elegant, plainer nails for my friend Frances Cassandra. 

The salon offers a wide range of beauty products including massages, spray tans and hair styling. I am tempted to head back in a few weeks for eyebrow extensions to try and help make my thin brows fuller. 

You can find the lovely Poize team on Twitter and they are always on hand to chat if you need any more information about the salon or any of their beauty treatments. If you're in the Liverpool area I recommend that you give them a try and thank-you again to the team for inviting me to try a treatment.

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