When it comes to a near perfect make-up application it's all about the tools in your kit and for ages [read: 13-15]  I was that gal with an old, stuck together, filthy brush that I used for everything. This days my brush collection spans towards 40+ brushes which is ridiculous as the brushes that you see above are my go to tools.

The foundation brush: For a long time I used a traditional flat foundation brush from Revlon before splurging on a Real Techniques Expert face brush which literally changed my foundation application. The rounded buffing brush distributes the right amount of product into the skin for an airbrush finish.

The pencil brush: I like to use the Eco Tools pencil brush under my eyes when working a smokey, brown shade into the lower lash line, it is brilliant for precision and works especially well in the crease to create an initial socket line marker before blending, also fantastic for eye liner and smudging a dark colour along the lash line if you don't want to precision of gel or liquid liner.

The stippler: My Mac 130 stippling brush was the first 'professional' brush that I bought and I used it for concealer before now using it for blush as I feel it sits nicely on the apple of the cheek. 

The blending brush: I have four or five blending brushes in rotation, half for lighter eyeshadow colours and half for darker shades. I love how blending your shadows can transform your make-up from a harsh ill applied look to a soft, subtle gradient of colours.

The angled brush: I would really struggle without my angled brush to perfect an angled, precise brow. The one I have was part of my professional brush kit but most ranges have them, I use an artificial bristled brush to keep the brush hairs rigid and sharp.

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