I've long since been a jewellery fiend - something that I inherited from my Nan as we would spend hours of my childhood sat on the end of her bed opening up tiny velvet boxes and trying on her super sparkly pieces.

Since she very sadly passed away, i've inherited most of the cherished necklaces and rings that we spent hours discussing and alongside my own pieces I have a lovely collection of jewellery.

The magpie inside me must have been recognised as I was recently contacted by jewellery marketplace 'Jewel Street' to see if I would like to experience their vast collection of jewellery boutiques. Of course, I was delighted to have been invited to experience a jewellery shopping experience and I headed over to their virtual marketplace to see what delights they held.

The Jewel Street site is really simple to navigate with different categories such as women and men and inspiration for upcoming occasions like mother's day. I spent around an hour browsing through the beautiful collections that are so varied in design and price. 

I eventually chose a piece from Gravatt jewellery  as I was really attracted to their striking pendants incorporating an array of different coloured gems. I chose the "Handmade pink topaz briolette and 18ct goldfill pendant with white sapphire goldfill charm." * As a gal with little love for pink, I was surprisingly sold by the punchy pink stone and of course the lucky clover charm. I have been wearing this necklace for around a week now and I have received so many compliments. 

The team at Jewel Street and the lovely Cindy from Gravatt couldn't have been more helpful. 
If you're looking for a unique piece and fancy spending a few hours engrossed in jewellery shopping then I recommend popping over to Jewel Street for a look.

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