Sometimes I like to haul around a huge bag filled to the brim with bits and pieces that I will never use and other times I like to carry a smaller bag with an edited collection of essentials. Today I am talking about the extras that sit in my handbag aside from the usual must-haves such as phone, purse, keys and umbrella. 

If you are wandering what it is that I carry in my main handbag, you can head over to [this post] for a sneaky preview. At the moment I am using my quilted shoulder strap number from Pull 'n' Bear and I like to carry my diary, a serious essential for date/time obsessives like myself. My 2015 diary is a moleskin from TK Maxx and it's surprisingly spacious. I also carry around a mini moleskin notepad for jotting down ideas, contacts and lists whilst i'm on the go. At the moment i'm loving a pink biro, not only do I think that it makes my diary/notepad look pretty adorned in pink ink but it also helps my eyes to process my writing better.

In terms of beauty essentials I make sure that I have a pot of my Glo minerals concealer to hand especially in winter when my bright red nose needs constantly wiping. I also keep my current lipstick of choice Fresh Moroccan by Mac in a mirrored holder that was kindly given to me by my cousin.

Finally, my ipod (with earphones of course) if i'm ever walking or travelling somewhere I love listening to music, at the moment a live version of She sells sanctuary by The Cult is my most played song. If you want to check out 'the soundtrack of my life' TAG you can whizz over to my favourite songs of all time by clicking [here.]

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