THE WEEK #5 2015

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The start of this week centred around my dissertation and the trials and tribulations that go hand in hand with writing 8,000 words with very little guidance. I have my first draft completed and over the next four months will edit, revise and cut until I am happy with the final piece. I don't think I want to see another women's magazine for a while now.

The end of the week was a little more interesting having spent Friday night at Mrs Liverpool Galaxy's charity fashion show and catching up with Frances Cassandra at the 'All we are' album launch at Aloft Liverpool. The intimate gig was accompanied by delicious, pink cupcakes and crazy cocktails that looked like peacock feathers. 

This was all a lot of fun until some strange thing came over me in the middle of the night where my legs were heavy and weak, I had pins and needles all over my body and in agony with the aching sensation in my legs. As I type this, it still hasn't gone away and after the GP told me I "must have slept funny" I am at a loss as to how to tackle it. All I know is that it is extremely unpleasant.

Amidst the pins and needles I was invited to try a beauty treatment at Liverpool based salon Poize. (I will be writing a full post on my experience which will be live on Wednesday if you're interested) and I was treated to a beautiful set of acrylic nails, which I hope will motivate me to sort my own chewed, stubby nails out!

Today I am taking it easy and preparing to head back to uni next week, I've bee recently having more worries about the future and if I will ever get through the last hurdle of my BA hons Journalism course! ESPECIALLY now that I have a graduation date. Eeee.

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