THE WEEK #8 2015

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This week. Has been. The second worst week of my life. The first back in 2013 when I returned from a holiday in Olu Deniz to find out my Nana had died and my Grandad had suffered a disabling stroke. 

The second worst week of my life was this week, lets just say that it involved cockroaches, accidently smashing the screen of an ipad to smithereens and another highly serious issue.

The eighth week of 2015 started super positively with some groundwork being dug out for the future and then.. I found a dead cockroach in my kitchen sink - of course this led to a lot of googling and finding out some pretty horrific facts and figures. I of course got in touch with my landlord straight away and the pest control guy came the very next morning - i've had to move out of my flat for a little while as there are traps everywhere and the whole place reeks of chemicals. It was after three sleepless nights and barely eating due to one worry or another that I tripped on the charging wire of a an ipad and smashed the screen to pieces. After spending near on 24 hours crying, this weekend my boyfriend decided to pull me out of Liverpool and take me back to his home town in the countryside to have a break as my nerves were being destroyed by the minute.

The only positive of the week was realising how lovely people can be when you need a little support and reassurance, even people you would never expect to have your back. My friend Hannah tried to drag me out of the pit i've been in by taking me to see 50 shades of Grey... having read the books I feel that the character of Anastasia is portrayed better in the film with more wit and charisma. I also think that Christian is played differently in the film, much warmer and more human than his original novel character.

In other TV talk (I know how much you loved my CBB review) I absolutely nailed it when it came to finding out who killed Lucy Beale in Eastenders. I had my suspicions that Bobby Beale may have hit his sister over the head with the music box. Even though I found #whosadamgate fantastic the #EElive episode was brilliant, Laurie Brett and Adam (lol) Woodyatt who play Jane and Ian respectively were absolutely outstanding, both very talented actors. 

It's back to reality tomorrow with a lot of picking up the pieces of this terrible week and tying up some loose ends, i'm hoping that by this time next week I have things much more in control.

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