It's time for a round-up of the beauty bits and pieces that I have been using avidly over the month of March. - The fact that we are heading into the fourth month of the year is scary enough.
This month my beauty regime has included some international products following a visit from my Aunt who lives in the US and looking at my March favourites laid out, they aren't very spring inspired are they?

The Hair: I have been using a three step hair care regime by the American brand 'It's a 10' and although I can't fault any of the treatments that I have tried, the stand out product is the 'Miracle Leave in Product' which is sprayed into the hair post wash and blow dried through to leave your hair feeling silky soft and nourished. There will be a full review of the 'It's a 10' products that I have been using coming up next week.

The Eyes: Brown eyeliner in my opinion, is underrated especially on blue eyes as it really sets off the pigment in light eyes. I like to wear brown liner with a matte, smokey eye in the tight-line and waterline. The Collection 'gel liner' is smooth and easy to apply without dragging or creasing.

The Face: I only recently reignited my interest in face powders, since my Rimmel 'Stay Matte' powder cracked I haven't re-purchased another. Having been introduced to the Almay 'Balanced pressed powder' I am impressed with the finely milled bronze, conceal and highlight formula. 

The Nails: 'Crocadilly' from Essie is marketed as a magnetic polish however, I could never get the formula to work and prefer to wear it on its own. The pearl finish shade is the beautiful accompaniment to a rich tan or can be worn vamp style with naturally pale skin. The formula stays put chip free for around two days without a topcoat.

The Base: I have always been a primer lover rather than a loather, I like to create an even base for my foundation to sit on whilst hydrating my face. The Almay 'CC luminous primer' is a creamy formula that evens out the skin tone and nourishes my skin beautifully. 

The Lips: This month I found myself rocking a deep, purple lip courtesy of Benefit's 'No Competition' a super moisturising lippy with subtle pigment that can be layered up to intensify the colour. Although this isn't the most spring like of shades it compliments a lightly blended eye and bronzed cheeks perfectly.


THE WEEK #13 2015

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This week has been another hectic one with plenty of good food and drink. Wednesday saw the biggest sporting event in the university calendar, Liverpool Varsity kick off and I spent the day working on social media covering the matches and absorbing the atmosphere. The sun was out and it was the perfect backdrop for such competition. Sadly my lot, Liverpool John Moores failed to win back the cup, much to the chaps delight as he coaches a Uni of Liverpool football team. 

To celebrate myself and the digital content team's hard work on the day, a few of us headed to Las Iguanas in Liverpool One for cocktails and food. After a few glasses of 'Mango Collins' I opted to order the 'Camarao A La Criolla' which is a prawn, lime and coconut milk dish with spring onion and garlic rice. I have to throw a disclaimer out there, although it is one of the tastiest dishes i've eaten, it is insanely spicy and that's without the gallon of tabasco sauce that I threw over it.

Thursday was my last day of taught lecturers and seminars at uni...ever and it ended on a high as my PR group won second place in a business pitch assessment - the prize involved a bottle of Prosecco and a few straws from Starbucks. 

This weekend has been a chilled one with the boy and I heading to Formby to spot Red Squirrels and drink coffee on the beach. We also found time to check out the international food market in Liverpool whilst doing a a bit of shopping. Today will be spent catching up with friends and perhaps a potential Nando's in the pipeline? 



When I took this little leather beauty to the Primark till I was more than happy to pay the £25 retail price. It's thick p-leather with scrunchy leather with zips, buckles and ribbed elbows and I found myself paying a mere £10 for it...Bargain!

My trusty, studded Topshop leather jacket sadly found itself in a bit of a state after getting caught on a railing. A patch of the arm had ripped and the whole jacket looked a little bit sorry for itself.

I like to pair this more traditional biker style jacket with my ripped 'Jamie jeans' and my cherry red Doc Martens as well as dressing it up with a little black dress and my leather shoe boots for cocktails or a meal out.



Since my friend informed me that the key to healthy hair is to wash it once a week, I have been sticking to a 'wash every 4 days' regime and since having shorter hair the need to wash my locks has lessened. It's true when they say that you can 'train' your hair to look and feel less greasy.

However, for those days when I need volume and spirit spritzed at the roots I turned to my trusty Superdrug hair heroes. The Superdrug dry shampoo range retails at £1.99 or 2 for £2 which is considerably cheaper than it's branded neighbours sat next inline on the shelf. I have raved about this dry shampoo before, back when I was a brunette and tried the 'Cocoa Brownie' variant. 

The formula is lightweight and doesn't leave your hair feeling dry and powdery, not forgetting the lack of white scalp. Both products smell amazing, the 'Killer Volume' dry shampoo scented like pina colarda. If you want to save some pennies and stock up on dry shampoo I highly recommend paying a visit to Superdrug. 



Since rejoining the blonde bus a few weeks ago, I have been upping my fake tan game to accompany my strawberry blonde locks. It would appear that Sunkissed tan have done it again and provided tanning mavens like myself with the holy grail of fake tan.  

I have talked about the Sunkissed brand since joining the blogging community back in 2010, and somewhere in the deep, depths of my Youtube back catalogue there is a review of their 'Sunlight bronzer' mousse circa 2011, red hair and nose stud.

Sunkisseds latest offering is the '60 minute, rapid tan'* a thick mousse formula that can be rinsed off an hour after application to reveal a beautiful tan. 

After prepping my skin properly, the night before, I applied two thin layers of the medium variant. The scent of this tan is GORGEOUS, it's a scorching hot summer holiday in a bottle, think coconut, think pina colarda. I left the product to develop on my skin and within minutes the colour was changing to a deep, golden brown tan. I was streak free, biscuit odour free and without that 'dirty' look that you can rock when applying fake tan. 

After an hour, I showered off the base colour which had left my skin looking pretty beautiful glowing golden brown and non patchy. A few days later I left the base tan on all night as I would any other fake tan and the colour was just the same. 

As a long time, loyal user of the Sunkissed brand, I think that they are real market contenders with high end self tan such as Zen Tan and celebrity endorsed 'Lauren's Way' but without the hefty price tag. The Sunkissed tanning ranges in price between £2.99 and £4.99 for this particular tanning product. 

I think that the '60 minute Rapid Tan' is perfect for any occasion where you want tanned skin fast if like myself you find yourself getting ready for an impromptu night out or you have an occasion coming up with little time to get ready.


THE WEEK # 12 2015

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Monday kicked off in Wakefield with a visit to my Grandparents' where I was treated to sausage, egg, chips and beans. It was lovely to catch up however, my Grandad had been quite poorly with stroke related health problems which is never nice to see. I really struggle with the emotional turmoil of seeing a family member who was once strong and full of life to existing severely impaired. We tried to make the best of it and I value every moment spent with the both of them.

After travelling back to Liverpool, Tuesday was my final news-day on the LJMU Journalism course...I have to say that whilst I enjoyed the fast paced nature of the game I will be glad to not be chasing stories and leads every week and can instead focus my efforts on my final project, which is will be a 12 page magazine focused on all things beauty of course.

This week I also watched 'The soul boys of the Western world' music documentary which is centred around Spandau Ballet's rise to become one of the most successful British new romantic bands in the world. I love music documentaries for their insight into the different trends and social movements of different eras but this one is especially good as it features extended mixes of Spandau hits such as 'The Freeze' and 'To cut a long story short.' The documentary inspired me to create a new romantic/new wave playlist as part of my 'GGMH Plays' playlists...If you fancy heading back to the early 80s you can transport yourself by clicking here.

With one PR assessment ticked off my list on Thursday, this weekend has been spent beavering away on my magazine and tucking into scrumptious home-made cottage pie made by Elliot, of course I allowed myself a little time off to watch The Voice as the live shows are my favourite part.



A little while ago I wrote this post introducing you to a few of the things that get hauled around in my handbag . Since then, more and more things have been accumulated or switched up to make room for new things. I usually carry a backpack to uni with me however, my everyday 'non uni' handbag is my Mulberry 'Roxanne' which isn't the roomiest of handbags for a hoarder like myself.

Alongside my ipod and daily diary which featured in last times post, I have added my favourite hair tool of the moment, my tangle teaser which is a dream to use on my tangles tresses. 

Now that the weather is starting to brighten up a little, my sunglasses have re joined the pack for when the springtime sun peeks its head out from behind the clouds. I bought my pair from a sea ftont shop in Brighton having fallen for their Rayban/ vintage aviator style.

I have noticed that my lips are especially dry at the moment from spending countless hours in the  air conditioned library working on my final project and dissertation #thirdyearproblems. My boyfriend is a lip balm fiend and kindly let me borrow his pot of Carmex which is easily the best lip hydrator around.

For days when I forgot to pack a lipstick, I have my blushed pink 'Sexy motherpucker' lipgloss by Soap and Glory. This stuff is awesome as not only is it insanely moisturising but it also plumps the lips for a fuller pout. 



The last time I headed down to London I delved into the depths of my ipod way deeper than ever before and found myself stumbling across some absolute classics. I liked my girl power, meets indie playlist so much that I decided to share it with the world via my 'GGMH Plays' tracklisting of 60 minutes worth of nostalgic and (mostly) cheesy tunes.
After all, it's not everyday that Hard Fi get played alongside Jennifer Paige and the Sugababes find themselves in the company of Stevie Nicks. I feel a tiny bit sorry for the fella who was sat next to me for the 2hr 10 min journey because I had the volume cranked up high. I promise that my music taste does get better than poppy anthems...perhaps.



With the first day of spring just around the corner, I decided that my mid March make-up routine just hadto have a little dew and colour injected into it, and after a little time spent shaking up my make-up bag I came to the perfect result.

The Dr Jart 'BB cream' has been sitting in my make-up drawers unloved for a little while now and whilst I am often more of 'full coverage' gal, I love the glowing complexion that this sheer BB cream offers and the ease of application. (I just use the warmth of my fingers rather than buffing with a brush) 

To add to the 'lit from within' glow that I currently have going on, an obvious choice just had to be 'Soft and Gentle' mineralise skin finish by Mac. I apply the powder to the tops of my cheek bones using an angled brush to amplify the natural curve of my face. A beauty must have if you're a highlighter fan. 

'Rubenesque' paint pot was my first dabble with Mac cream bases, the pearl - orange shade an eye popping pairing for lighter eyes. The sheer formula looks refreshing on the eye when used alone but can be used also as a base to accentuate other eyeshadows. I have been opting for the former with a few coats of 'They're Real' by Benefit to bulk up my lashes against the colour burst from Rubenesque.

No spring time make-up bag would be complete without one of my favourite lipsticks 'Brighton Rock' by Topshop. Not only does the name of the shade remind me of a carefree summers day on Brighton Beach but it also the perfect compliment to the subtle peachy colour of the Mac paint pot. 


THE WEEK #11 2015

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* * * * * * * * * *

This week has been a lovely week with some super exciting news popping up and Mother's day celebrations back in my hometown at the weekend.

I found out on Wednesday that I had interviewed successfully for a job role that is near enough the perfect combination of my degree and every other piece of work experience that i've ever taken part in. It hasn't quite sunk in yet that I will be walking out of university and straight into what will hopefully be a fulfilling and exciting career. I keep thinking back to the last time I came back to my parents' house and I cried pretty much for a week straight, wracked with worry that I would have no prospects post university and thinking: "What on earth am I going to do?" - I can't believe that i'm in such a lucky position and I will be forever thankful for the company for taking a chance on me.

To celebrate such amazing news, the chap and I headed to Comedy Central on Liverpool's Albert Dock for super yummy food at Blue Bar (The New York Burger is ah-mazing) and a few giggles courtesy of Steve Harris at the comedy club. 

On Friday I packed my rucksack and travelled back across the pennines to celebrate Mother's Day with my family who I have seen since December! Saturday was spent baking yummy chocolate fondant cupcakes and pigging out for curry night whilst watching 'The Voice' (My Dad is a big fan) - It was also really nice to catch up over Sunday roast with my Aunt who had flown over from America to visit my Grandma and Grandad. 

I was over the moon to be able to tell my Grandparents my exciting news, with my Grandad being so poorly I was just super grateful that he is around to share it with as after all he has been my biggest encouragement and champion.

It's full steam ahead next week to crack on with university work as the end looms nearer, deadlines are coming at me thick and fast and I have a business pitch assessment on Thursday, best get my best sparkly jeans on to dazzle the examiners into loving my pitch!



I know you know my little fake tanning secret of how orange I looked somewhere between the ages of 16 and 17. You know this because back when GGMH was born, I looked like this. But forgive me, I have changed my ways.

After an 18 month hiatus from the tanning mitten, in the last year I have really enjoyed experimenting with different fake tanning products. I always feel more confident when I have a nice layer of tan on (evenly applied I might add) and when people like the postman asks me if i've been away, I feel secretly rather accomplished.

I prep my skin every three days by exfoliating in the shower with both an exfoliator and an exfoliating mitten. Once my skin has been scrubbed of any dead skin and old, patchy tan I use one of my favourite Victoria's Secret moisturisers to soften my skin.

The next evening I will go in with my current favourite tan the Dark Lotion by St Moriz. I find that no other tan works quite as effectively at providing a deep, lasting and non drying colour. The developing formula is quite dirty looking so I would advise you to leave it on over night and rinse in the morning.

To apply my fake tan, I use a mitten from the Malibu tanning range. I have had hundreds of the foam mittens but have always managed to split them with my nails, the Malibu mitten is like a glove that is sealed all the way around the arm socket and provides an even tan application.

I usually apply two layers of tan on a Sunday and one layer the following Wednesday to keep my bronzed glow going.



I have always loved the idea of a jumpsuit but have never had the confidence to actually wear one in fear that I would resemble a sack. I just couldn't see how they were flattering and just plain annoying when you needed the loo.

I spotted this little black number in Primark for £5 in the sale and whilst I will admit that a little gold belt around the waist would have made it look more pulled together, I really liked how the jumpsuit looked chic with my Dune wedges and a little leather jacket.

The gold embellishment is fully detachable and the t-bar neckline gives the top half of the jumpsuit a little added extra. For £5 it was an experimental outfit and whilst I still love a fitted skinny jean and pulled in waist, it was perfect for wearing to a meal out as it hides all food baby related issues.


THE WEEK #10 2015

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This week saw me marry my Macbook in a relationship that has caused us to be in-separable. I took on some freelance work which has led to some interesting learning curves but also waves of frustration as I worked tirelessly to source, list and organise a creative workshop day. I'm hoping that next week the I's can be dotted and the t's crossed to wrap it all up and provide a brilliant event.

Aside from my freelance project, the perils of third year university work, creating cool content for the student union magazine 'The Supdate' and working on GGMH I did manage to squeeze a whistle stop visit to London in, which if you have read this post  you will have already seen the strawberry blonde bob that I have been rocking since Tuesday. The fabulous creative team at George Northwood worked miracles to re-style my over processed hair and I absolutely love the result. It's so low maintenance and looks better the more unruly it gets. After my visit to the hairdressing hotseat seat, I had a little wander over to my favourite spot ever, you could even call it my 'happy place.' I love standing on Waterloo bridge and switching views between east london, the city and canary wharf and old Westminister, Big Ben and the houses of parliament. At nighttime this view is especially epic, the rush of the city crossing bridge after bridges and the luminous lights twinkling as the city buzzes. 

Yesterday was spent with my Macbook furiously thrashing out more work as i'm the kind of person who can't ignore emails or focus when there's work to be done. I'm very lucky to be with someone who can tolerate that as I have been in one relationship only this week and that's been with my work. The chap and I did manage to salvage Saturday evening with a few drinks on Lark Lane..There's no stress that a g+t can't bust!

Today we are heading to Wales as I have never been and Elliot promises me it's the tonic I need after 6 days of staring at a screen. Getting out of the city and plenty of fresh air is what i'm looking forward to mostly before another week of hard graft and hopefully some positive results. 



When it comes to my hair I am an awful owner, I want it to look good whilst treating it terribly. Over the last 12 months I have been investing in high quality hair products to try and keep my mop looking somewhat presentable.

Pillow Proof Described as an 'express primer' for the hair, I was intrigued to find out what this product could do for my brittle, damaged hair. After washing my mop I towel dry it to a damp state before spritzing the product through the lengths of my hair. The blow dry primer is designed to reduce blow drying time and uses an anti breakage formula to protect hair up to 450 degrees. As you all know my hair needs some serious damage repair therefore the silicone resin that shields each strand for longer protects my hair from the inside out when using the hairdryer. This stuff also smells pretty awesome leaving my hair silky and swish-able post wash.

Iron Shape 11 My second new Redken discovery is the ultimate curling tong/straightener partner. The Iron Shape 11 spray doesn't build up on your tools and locks in your style. I have recently been sporting a curled barnet though often finding that my curls don't stick with me throughout the day. Since giving this a go my hair is prepped and ready to hold a curl. It's non greasy and protects your hair for up to 450 degrees.



The creative team at George Northwood had already encountered my drab barnet when I attended their #lfw front row ready event a few weeks ago. It was amongst a lot of glitter, truffle pizza slices and refreshing gin that I met GN colourist Amy Fish and stylist Lotte O'Shea. Both of the girls told me that something could certainly be done with my hair to salvage some sort of style and colour if only they could get their hands on me.

On Tuesday afternoon I found myself back on the train down the London, I had quickly realised that no amount of home tinkering and tweaking would rectify my chemical damaged, colour faded hair. The ends were severely damaged, breaking off in to a dodgy mullet and the colour faded between Fanta orange and canary yellow.

                                                                   GN bathroom: Pinterest worthy

When I arrived at Georges' Wells Street salon, I headed downstairs into the colouring department and met with Amy who looked super stylish in her sleeveless leather biker jacket and chunky earrings and we got chatting about hair colour. I told Amy that I missed the brightness of being blonde and she agreed that going lighter was the way forward. Amy began by applying bleach to sporadic sections of my hair and due to lots of my locks being fairly light in colour she knew that my miss-match shade would lift well. After rinsing the bleach she applied a gloss toner which helped to keep any brassiness at bay and conditioned my hair like never before.

After dabbling with colour, I headed upstairs to Lotte who was in charge of the cutting. I have recently been pinning like a mad woman on my 'hair inspiration' board and after seeing one photograph of model, Jourdan Dunn rocking a super short do I thought why not? Everybody from the likes of Taylor Swift, Lauren Conrad and more recently Cheryl Cole have been chopping their tresses so this was a great excuse to rid my scalp of damaged hair in the expert hands of Lotte who suggested an Emma Stone inspired chop with a soft fringe to frame the face.  Bye Bye dry hair. 

I am so pleased with the finished result, I haven't had such short hair in around five years and usually I feel really un feminine with shorter locks however, this time I am made up with the style which can be worn straight and sleek or curled and messy. I now have a defined shape to my hair and a lot more volume at the roots. The GN team stuck to their word and delivered me the perfect bob for springtime, thank-you Amy and Lotte! If you want to experience hair magic at the hands of George and his fabulous hair wizards you can find them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram or visit the GN website  for more info about what the style dream team can do for your hair. 



I've never been as wowed by a beauty product as much as I was when I first gave Jica Lash* a whirl. This little pot of goodness is a miracle worker for those who want the false lash effect everyday without the hassle of applying uncomfortable false lashes everyday.

The product is made up of natural lash fibres which add thickness and length to your natural lashes in just one stroke. To use Jica Lash, I begin by applying my chosen mascara (Kate Moss 'Eye rock') and whilst my lashes are wet I apply a layer of the tiny fibres before a final coat of mascara.

The little fibres stick to the mascara and give the illusion of full lashes. I have the black variant but they also come in blonde and brunette shades. The fibres can cause a little clumping so I recommend using a mascara with a thinner wand to really seperate the lashes beforehand. 

I found that on my first use of the product my eyes were a tiny bit irritated however, I learnt to apply the fibres slowly and using a saw motion whilst looking upwards to prevent any further irritation.

I love this product, it has found its way into my everyday routine and at £13 for a full tube of fibres which will last a long time, it ain't half bad.

There is also a special treat for you lovely lot, if you use the code NMCO1 when purchasing a Jica Lash you can receive a free sample of their Nail Magic cuticle oil (Code ends May 1st)


THE WEEK #9 2015

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* * * * * * * * * *

After the horrors of last week, the final week of February was much calmer and involved at lot of focus and determination. On Monday I found myself in an interview for what could be described as a big girls job for the future, I was terrified but I am hopeful it went well - the experience in itself was an interesting one as I had to really prove my skills and knowledge in every answer. 

The rest of the week has been spent getting my head down and focusing on my final year work whilst topping up my 'independent woman' levels for whatever else flies my way.

After a heavy dissertation session (#thirdyearproblems) the chap and I found ourselves watching the 'Spice World' movie after reminicing on that iconic 1998 Brits performance. I'd forgotten how awesome the Union Jack bus was and how rough around the edges the girls were. I find it even more mind blowing that in the film Victoria Beckham was the same age as me and is now 40 years old!

Looking towards the week ahead, I have my last ever website news day tomorrow which involves pitching stories to be published on the JMU Journalism website. The process is both nerve wracking and kinda stressful as the standard is high and the pressure is on.

 I am also headed back down to the smoke on Tuesday for an appointment with George Northwood - I'm hoping his fabulous team can sort my hair out from drab to dreamy.

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