I've never been as wowed by a beauty product as much as I was when I first gave Jica Lash* a whirl. This little pot of goodness is a miracle worker for those who want the false lash effect everyday without the hassle of applying uncomfortable false lashes everyday.

The product is made up of natural lash fibres which add thickness and length to your natural lashes in just one stroke. To use Jica Lash, I begin by applying my chosen mascara (Kate Moss 'Eye rock') and whilst my lashes are wet I apply a layer of the tiny fibres before a final coat of mascara.

The little fibres stick to the mascara and give the illusion of full lashes. I have the black variant but they also come in blonde and brunette shades. The fibres can cause a little clumping so I recommend using a mascara with a thinner wand to really seperate the lashes beforehand. 

I found that on my first use of the product my eyes were a tiny bit irritated however, I learnt to apply the fibres slowly and using a saw motion whilst looking upwards to prevent any further irritation.

I love this product, it has found its way into my everyday routine and at £13 for a full tube of fibres which will last a long time, it ain't half bad.

There is also a special treat for you lovely lot, if you use the code NMCO1 when purchasing a Jica Lash you can receive a free sample of their Nail Magic cuticle oil (Code ends May 1st)

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